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The Bioderma Photoderm Suncare Range | SPF

When it comes to buying SPF there are certain “must-haves” on my list. First of all the range has to be applicable for my sensitive skin – there is nothing else than greasy creams that make my skin breakout. Secondly, the ingredients need to be reputable, yet affordable I don’t mind paying a little bit more, but I really don’t want the SPF to break the bank! The good news is that in 2017, we have a lot of choice and I’m here today to tell you a bit about the Bioderma Photoderm Suncare Range*.

Bioderma is a name that is well known across the beauty industry, yes we all know about the famous micellar water, but do you all know about their fabulous SPF range? Well, since the 1970s, Bioderma has acquired a lot of skincare knowledge, which has helped us tackle some of the most common concerns. Through their intensive research, Bioderma know that no skin is the same and the Photoderm SPF range offers a solution to this! All their products have been made with different types of skin in mind, whilst offering the best UVA/UVB protection.

Bioderma Photoderm Max* 
First up let’s talk about Photoderm Max, which is Bioderma’s sun care range which has been made for everyone. First of all, it offers a very high sun protection factor (SPF 50+), which blocks 98% of UVB rays – which is fantastic for me as my skin burns so easily! However, the best thing for me is that it comes in several different formulations. The range includes several options for face and body, as well as a spray formulation and a mousse for children. Here I have two different items from the range. First up the Photoderm Max Spray* (£17 here) which is a really light textured spray that spreads very easily, leaving no oily film or white marks. I also have the Photoderm Max Aquafluid* (£13 here) which is a really unique formulation. It’s an extreme fluid texture, but all with a dry touch finish and still a very high protection factor.

Bioderma Photoderm Bronz*
The other range I’ve been testing is Bioderma Photoderm Bronz, which offers you really high protection on the skin, but with an added tan booster. It’s been especially made for all skin types and once again offers a range of different formulations. I’ve been testing the Photoderm Bronz Dry Oil* (£19.50 here) which gives you the option to tan safely, thanks to it’s medium protection. It’s a lovely transparent formula, which you need to apply liberally all over the face and body. The magic ingredient Tyrosine to increase the level of melanin production in the skin, helping boost the skin’s ability to bronze as naturally as possible. 

If neither of these ranges sound right for you, there is also the Photoderm Specifics range, which offers you high protection (SPF 50+) but is perfect for those with specific skin intolerances. The full Bioderma Photoderm range is available in Boots and lots of other stockists all over the UK, so it’s really easy to get hold of and I always find it on offer! I’d love to hear about your favourite SPF’s in the comments below! 
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