Friday, 28 July 2017

Jelly & Gelato | The Summer Range By Zoella Beauty

I remember the sheer excitement that went around the beauty industry when Zoella first launched Zoella Beauty. Beauty fans young and old flocked to get their hands on the sweet products and lovely gift ideas. I always find that the Zoella Beauty products not only look fantastic, but they are also made to such a lovely quality. I truly think that anyone can love her products, regardless of your age – which is why I always jump at the chance to bring them to the blog!

The latest Zoella Beauty range is called Jelly & Gelato, inspired by Zoe’s love for all things sweet, as she says nothing quite says summer like ice cream. Every collection always has a single, signature scent that runs throughout the products. This time it’s a blend of elderflower and cream, which is just lovely and summery, without feeling too sickly and bold. Of course, the collection looks beautiful too, with a pretty array of right and colourful designs which match the warmer weather perfectly! Let’s take a closer look at some of the products I’ve been testing…

Zoella Beauty Shower Shake* (£6 here)
The Shower Shake arrives in a tube which has been designed to look like a milkshake, which of course is super cute, but also different to anything I’ve ever seen before. The packaging is a pretty blend of orange, pink and white and is finished in gold foil details. The product inside is described as a ‘moisturising body wash’ – which aims to clean the skin, without stripping it of all our natural goodness. After using this you’re left with clean skin, which feels lovely and soft on the skin.

Zoella Beauty Body Pudding* (£8 here)
Of course, as a Jelly & Gelato range, it only feels right to have a product that arrives in an ice cream tub. When you unscrew this yellow, blue and orange tub, you find a lovely whipped body pudding. There are little pink dots in the formulation which burst on the skin, for a little bit of extra indulgence. You simply apply this on clean skin for a moisturising finish and a scent that lingers all day! 

Zoella Beauty Cream Scrub* (£7.50 here) 
When you unscrew the purple, pink and white Cream Scrub tub, you’re greeted with something I didn’t really expect. The colour inside is a rich orange hue, which has been made to look like a new tub of sorbet. The cream is mixed with some ‘polishing’ sprinkles, which will leave your skin brighter, smoothed and toned.

Zoella Beauty Beauty Bag* (£14 here)
In every Zoella collection, she always releases a lovely beauty bag to match the theme. This year’s Beauty Bag is one of my favourites yet! It’s a lovely blend of mint green and coral, which just reminds me of a watermelon – perfect for summer. The bag folds over with a magnet that holds it in place and has diagonal zip that runs across the bag. It’s finished with some cute geometric shapes on the zip, which gives it a lovely touch. 

Zoella Beauty Bath Frosting* (£7 here) 
The Bath Frosting is a brand new formulation for Zoella Beauty and I know that a lot of people are excited about it! The packaging reminds me of hot chocolate packaging, which is finished with pink, white and black detailing. When you flip off the lid you find three sachets of the ‘bath frosting’ – which is actually a bath milk powder. You simply empty one sachet of the Bath Frosting under warm running water. The Frosting turns the water a milky white colour and feels amazing on the skin! 

Zoella Beauty Pink Bath Wafers* (£5 here)
The Pink Bath Wafers is another brand new formulation for Zoella Beauty and it takes her bath wafers to a whole new level. They’ve always created bath fizzers which make the bath look great, but they had no benefits for the skin. These new bath fizzers have been have created with Shea Butter, which leave your skin feeling amazing and soft! Plus they look like pink wafers, which is my idea of heaven! 

As always, the Zoella Beauty range is against animal testing and is completely cruelty free. So when can you get your hands on it? Well the answer is now! For the first time ever, Zoella Beauty have released this range in a ‘synchronised launch’ which means lots of countries are getting it at exactly the same time! This means that no matter where you are, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the range! Let me know what you think of the range in the comments below, I’d love to know what your favourite product is! 
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