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Tumble Down The Rabbit Hole | Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson

I’m a bit of an afternoon tea addict, there’s no denying that I’ve eaten a lot of clotted cream in my time on this earth. However most the time I don’t venture into London, as we’re blessed to have so many great places in Hertfordshire. However, when Stephanie (Merry Musing) and I found ourselves in London for the day, I began searching for some London based Afternoon Tea locations. As soon as I came across The Sanderson, I knew it was the one to try! Keep reading to find out why…

The Sanderson Afternoon Tea is all about bringing Alice In Wonderland to life and although I’ve never been a huge Alice fan, I couldn’t resist giving it a go for myself. The setting in The Sanderson is a bloggers dream, with a dreamy garden terrace and marble finished tables. We took a seat outside and I instantly felt at home, I was giddy with excitement and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store. As soon as the host revealed the menu, which was hidden inside a vintage book, I knew I was home. There’s no denying that this Afternoon Tea is all about the little details – if you love discovering little extras, you’ll absolutely love this place.

First it was time to choose the tea and when there are five exclusive blends, it’s pretty damn hard to choose! They are all presented to you in little bottles, with special cards which describe the tea you’ll find inside. I opted for ‘Queen of Hearts’ which had a blend of rose, vanilla and chocolate – it was so good that I wanted to take it home! Let it be known that every aspect of this tea is themed, I was already wowed by the sandwich plates decorated with zebras, birdcages and ticking clocks. So when the teapot arrived with its little napkin crown, I was completely sold!

Of course, the crockery was just the beginning and the real special stuff was yet to come. The Afternoon Tea cake stand arrived and we both didn’t know where to start, as even with the sandwiches, there is a lot to choose from! The savoury dishes are far from the norm, each designed to delight your senses. The array of goodies included a ‘scotch egg’ with a twist, instead of pork it was finished with smoked salmon and quails egg. My personal favourite was the ‘King of Hearts Parmesan Croque-Monsieur Stack’ which is perfect for cheese addicts like me. The other savouries were a Cornish Crab Bridge Roll and the White Rabbit Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich, which is served on the most incredible pesto bread.

Now naturally the sweet treats are always my favourite, but these are really beyond what you expect from Afternoon Tea! Of course you start with the warm scones, clotted cream and fruit preserves – which were served warm. Then it’s time for the real magic! There are so many sweet treats that you’re guaranteed to run out of room…

When I say it’s hard to pick personal favourites here, I really mean it! However, the two that really stood out were the Mocha Chessboard Gateau, which was the most perfect chocolatey treat and Mad March Hare Vanilla Pocket Watch Macaroon – I mean just look at the detailing! The Queen of Hearts Rose and Strawberry Jammy Dodger wasn’t what you find in the supermarkets, it was divine and the Tweedle Dee Lemon Curd Financier is perfect for the lemon fans! 

If all that wasn’t enough, you have another plate of little extras, which are just so much fun! You have the Chocolate and Pistachio Blue Caterpillar, two Wonderland Marshmallow Magic Mushrooms, plus the Mad Hatters Lost Carrot and Fennel Meringue, which is hiding in the grass! Wash everything down with the ‘Drink Me Potion’ which is flavoured with cinnamon, apple and peach! 

I knew from the beginning that I’d love this tea, but it really swept me away on the day! You really have to experience it to believe it and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! So take a tumble down the rabbit hole for an experience you’ll never forget! Book your Sanderson Hotel Afternoon Tea Experience online here, prices start at £48.
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