Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Have a summer.fling with beautyblender

I have to confess that in the last couple of months, I have become a complete beautyblender addict. In just a few weeks I went from being someone with zero interest in makeup sponges, to someone who has replaced all her foundation brushes with sponges. I now use a beautyblender on a daily basis and now it’s very rare that I opt for a different tool. I rather naively thought that the way to get a clear, glowing complexion, was to pile on the foundation, but beautyblender really demonstrated to me, that really a little can go a long way – providing you with a perfect finish, without the cakey finish. That’s why I was pretty damn excited when I saw the beautyblender summer.fling set*, which I want to share with you today! 

If we ever need an excuse to bring bright colours into our makeup routine, we can certainly always use the excitement of summertime. If like me, you want to switch things up, but you’re not about to use neon hues in your makeup, you’ll have this new beautyblender summer.fling set. The set offers you a chance to embrace the simmer, with three pretty sponges that have been inspired by the majestic colours of a summer sunset.

Inside the box you get three bright and bold beautyblender sponges, each that can help you achieve that flawless makeup application I’ve been speaking about. You get one of the original beautyblender sponges, plus two brand new sponge colours: beautyblender pop, in a vibrant orange, and beautyblender glow, in a show-stopping neon green.

If you’re unfamiliar with the beautyblender concept, you simply wet your sponge under running water and squeeze out any excess water, you can even dry it off on a towel if you have one to hand. You then “bounce your way to makeup perfection” – gently bouncing and blending your product into the skin. I use the beautyblender for all my complexion products, starting with my primer, foundation, corrector, concealer and powder, which offers a lovely, flawless finish.

Whether you’re a beautyblender fan, or a complete newbie, I think this beautyblender summer.fling set is a lovely place to start. The set retails for £40 and is available now from Net-a-Porter.com, Selfridges.com, Selfridges stores, BeautyBay and CultBeauty. Don’t miss your chance to add these beauties to your routine and help summer last that little bit longer! 
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