Thursday, 15 June 2017

Flower Fushion | The Fabulous Sheet Masks by Origins

When skincare super brand Origins turned their head to sheet masks, I knew they would be worth trying out. These beautifully packaged, single use sheet masks are all about bringing our favourite flowers to our skincare routine. As the name suggests ‘Flower Fushion’ combines the beauty of a sheet mask, with inspiration from different types of flowers. There are six in the collection and each one has been designed to give us an instant boost of radiance and dewy moisture. 

Each of the masks are very soft, thanks to them being crafted with 100% Bamboo, plus they have been fortified with flower wax for added complexion protection and moisture. Flower wax is created during the essential oil distillation process and is normally a by-product, so it’s great to see if being put to good use. All you need for this treatment is 10 short minutes, pop on a mask, sit back and relax. Once you’re finished you’ll find that your skin feels beautifully soft and hydrated. As I mentioned, there are six different flower masks in this Origins collection. Each single use sheet mask uses a unique essential oil blend, which means with each mask, you get a unique sensorial experience. I’ve been lucky enough to try two of the set, so let’s take a closer look. 

The Raspberry Flower Fushion Refreshing Sheet Mask*
The Raspberry Flower Fushion Refreshing Sheet Mask is all about refreshing the skin and senses. The Raspberry Flowers are native to Asia and are well known for producing the beautiful red berry, in addition to their tangy, woody fragrance. This is a great mask to start the day with, especially if you need a little bit of ‘get up and go’.

The Lavender Flower Fushion Soothing Sheet Mask*
I’m pretty sure that no one needs reminding of the calming properties of Lavender. So it really is no surprise that Origins created the Lavender Flower Fushion Soothing Sheet Mask. This blend features Lavender essential oil, which quickly absorbs into the skin. As well as the scent being create for calming stress, it’s also great for the skin – thanks to it’s antiseptic and soothing properties. Of course, this mask is great for the evening, when you’re just struggling to switch off.

To use the Flower Fushion Sheet Masks you simply rip open the package, fold open the mask and apply to clean skin. Take 10 minutes to relax before removing the mask and massaging the remaining essence into skin. I’m a big fan of these mask and I’m an even bigger fan of the price. One mask will only set you back £5, which when you consider that the high street are charging similar prices, it makes these Origins masks a bit of a bargain. Pick them up from the Origins website or selected department stores.
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