Monday, 26 June 2017

Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette | Sleek Summer 2017

When Sleek Makeup launch a new palette, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the beauty community sits up and takes notice. They recently announced their Distorted Dreams collection, which is all about achieving skin that ‘looks totally LIT’. There are two halves to the release – the Sleek Matte Me Metallic Lip Creams (which I featured here) and this beautifully new palette, which I just know people are going to love! Let’s take a little look…

So the Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette* arrives in the classic Sleek Makeup box, which is matte black and shows a little preview of what to expect inside. The palette itself arrives in a silver palette, which is decorated with a matte white Sleek Makeup logo. When you flip the lid you’re greeted by a full sized mirror and the five pretty highlighters. The Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette features five stunning luminescent shades, which happily join the popular range of highlighters from Sleek Makeup.

The five shades are a combination of cream and powder, which means no matter what look you’re creating, there is bound to be a shade in the formula you need. Two of the shades are velvety powders and three luxurious cream formulas. Each of the colours are really pigmented, with each of the shades offering reflective and holographic pigments (which makes for an impressive swatch which is almost impossible to capture on camera). The best bit is that the colours can be used all over the face: use the colours to illuminate your eyelids, cheeks and lips, for an unrivalled glow! 

The new Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette is available now and it’s just perfect for this season! It’s going to look great at festivals but isn’t so out there, that you can’t use it every day. Grab it now from Boots or Superdrug, priced at £10.99. 

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