Monday, 19 June 2017

Discovering Philosophy Skincare

I remember when I first started blogging Philosophy was all over the bloggersphere, it was one of those US brands that everyone was desperate to get their hands on. Since then Philosophy has expanded quite significantly in the UK, which means you no longer have to pay extortionate values to add it to your collection. Whilst I’ve always loved the Philosophy range of bath and body products, I’ve never had a chance to play with their skincare offering. So when I was offered the chance to try some of the products, I couldn’t wait to see what the hype was all about.

One thing I love about the Philosophy brand is the packaging – everything has a clean and sophisticated feel. I love that the white packaging is decorated with some simply typography and I love the little quips on the front of each product. I’ve been playing with three products from the skincare line, let’s take a closer look…

take a deep breath*
take a deep breath is an eye cream which has been designed to delivery oxygen onto the skin, which is an important way to keep the eye looking vibrant and youthful. It uses an array of ingredients to help the skin breathe freely and protect the skin from damage caused by the lack of sleep, environmental pollution and daily stress. The use of glycerin helps to moisturise the skin, helping to improve the skins natural hydration levels. The eye cream also uses a patented antioxidant complex to stimulates the natural skin cell detoxification and biotechnological agent stimulates natural skin cell detoxification. 

renewed hope in a jar*
The hope in a jar line from philosophy is an iconic range that I’m sure a lot of you know a lot about. The first hope in a jar product was created way back in 1996 and this Is the evolution of philosophy’s beloved product. The original hope in a jar product revolutionised the moisturiser category and I’m happy to say that this new renewed product doesn’t disappoint. What I love about the renewed hope in a jar, is that it “grants three wishes for the skin”.

Firstly, it works to refine the texture of the skin, working to minimise pores and fine lines. It does this by using a blend of alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the skin – the blend features different molecular weights, which allows for different rates of penetration into the skin. The second thing it does is offer the skin a burst of moisture, by using an hyaluronic acid-blend (for immediate hydration) and blue agave extract (which stimulates the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid). The final thing it does is offer the skin a healthy colour and glow by using asian fruit extract, prickly pear flower and micro-optics. Together these three ingredients offer increased micro-circulation (which brings natural healthy colour to skin), enhanced natural luminosity and creates soft-focus effect on the skin. 

time in a bottle*
The aptly named time in a bottle is an age-defying serum which you can use on a daily basis. It’s a serum that works to reduce both visible signs of aging and the damage which is not yet actually visible on the surface. The product arrives in two bottles, which ensures you get the freshest formulation possible. You pour the smaller bottle into the bigger bottle, which creates the serum. The serum works by supporting the skin’s healthy DNA function by using Philosophy’s exclusive DNA renewal complex. The serum also includes a potent form of vitamin c and ethyl ascorbic acid, which work to give your skin significant protection from free radicals. I’m actually only 25, so I’m very lucky that I don’t need to fight visible signs of ageing just yet – however the serum definitely helps the skin to appear more radiant, and smooth.

I’d love to know what you think about Philosophy in the comments below. Have you tried any of their products? 
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