Thursday, 22 June 2017

Catch The Sun | The Bourjois Bronzer Family

The summer seems to be back in full swing and hopefully it’s here to stick around for good this time! Now that the sun is making a more frequent appearance, it’s time for me to embrace bronzer in all its glory! There is something special about creating that gorgeous glow with bronzer when the sun is out shining! 

For me the best thing about bronzer, is that you don’t have to be as precise as when you contour. It’s all a little more haphazard and I think it’s actually pretty difficult to get wrong! This year Bourjois have brought back their famous bronzer collection, which means whatever look you’re craving, they have a product for you. No matter what product you’re using, it’s very easy to get that gorgeous holiday glow. Simply take the bronzer on a big fluffy brush and apply it everywhere the sun naturally hits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products in the Bourjois lineup…

The Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder* (£7.99 here) 
The Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder arrives in a brown compact, which has a clear lid. The lid is decorated with red and blue stripes, which gives it a fun, nautical, holiday feel! When you pop open the bronzer, you find a matte bronzer which is perfect for creating a matte sunkissed look. The bronzer is a very soft and fine formulation, which has been designed to give you a streak-free application. The bronzer has been created to refine the appearance of pores and also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles – it even has SPF10 built into the product! The Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder is available in two shades, shade 21 and shade 22, which is slightly darker. 

The Contour Illusion Bronzer & Highlighter* (£7.99 here) 
My favourite product in this collection is the Contour Illusion Bronzer & Highlighter. I can never resist a contour palette and this one is no different. It arrives in the same packaging as the Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder, but when you pop this palette open, it’s split into two halves. On one side you have a bronzer to sculpt and on the other side there is a highlighter to illuminate the skin. I love the embossing detailing on the powder and I love that you can use the shades separately, or blend the two shades to create a sunny tanned look. 

The Maxi Delight Bronzer* (£8.99 here)
Finally we have the Maxi Delight Bronzer, which I know has a lot of fans in the bloggersphere. This is a huge bronzer, which also arrives in a brown compact, but this time the lid is decorated with gold and blue detailing. The powder is a light shade which is designed to give you a healthy, natural glow on the skin. The powder imitates the look of a tan, thanks to a mix of luminous pearls and beta-carotene. Just like the other powders in the collection, the texture glides onto skin giving a smooth, sheer, even finish.

Which of these bronzers is your favourite? Do you use bronzer in the summertime?
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