Monday, 8 May 2017

Four Products To Try From Maybelline’s Pixie Collection

The holographic makeup trend is taking the beauty world by storm this season. It’s absolutely everywhere and it’s only fair that Maybelline wanted to get in on the action. The holographic trend is perfect for festivals as it adds a little bit of glamour to each look. To celebrate the trend, they’ve decided to release their very own Pixie Collection. The collection features some of their best selling products and some new products, which have been given some very special packaging, which fits the theme so well! 

Maybelline Limited Edition Master Ink*
Master Ink is one of Maybellne’s best-selling products and it’s available in lots of different shades. Master Ink is Maybelline’s first liquid liner, which has a smart tip – this allows you it to create lines very easily, without making a mess. It lasts very well on the eyelid, without smudging! The Pixie Collection wrap gives it such a lovely festival feel, I know that lots of beauty fans are going to love it! 

Maybelline Limited Edition Strobing Sticks*
The Maybelline Strobing Sticks were released last year and I’m definitely one of their biggest fans! They are stunning cream highlighters, which you can just stripe onto the skin wherever you need a little bit of glow. They are so pigmented, they blend beautifully into the skin and they only cost £7.99. There are two shades available – light and medium – light is more of a pink highlighter and medium is more of a golden hue. I’m loving that these have been repackaged for this collection, it makes them feel even more special! 

New Maybelline Limited Edition Vivid Hot Lacquers*
The most exciting part of the collection are the brand new Vivid Hot Lacquers! There are three new shades that have been released as part of this limited edition collection. The Vivid Hot Lacquers offer you incredible pigmentation, paired with a lacquered shine, which gives you a bold look. The first of the three shades is Obsessed (76) which is a pretty dark pink hue, next we have Slay It (82) which is deep dark purple and finally we have Unreal (64) which is a perfect nude. 

Maybelline Limited Edition Eraser*
The Eraser concealer has a lot of fans all over the world, so of course this fabulous product needed to be revamped for the Pixie Collection. The Eraser features a foam top, which dispenses the concealer, whilst blending it straight into the skin. The concealer is formulated with goji berry and haloxyl, plus it’s been created to instantly erase dark circles and fine lines. If you’re yet to try this concealer, now is the perfect time, as the Pixie wrap makes it super pretty! 

So there you have it, four gorgeous products you have to try from the new Pixie Collection. The Pixie Collection also features the Limited Edition Push Up Drama Mascara, which is another fan favourite, repacked in the holographic wrap. I've swatched some of these products for you below, from top to bottom we have: Maybelline Strobing Stick in Light, Maybelline Strobing Stick in Medium, the Vivid Hot Lacquer in Unreal, the Vivid Hot Lacquer in Obsessed and the Vivid Hot Lacquer in Slay It. 

The Pixie Collection is strictly limited edition and really won’t be around for long. It’s only available exclusively at Superdrug until May 30th – the products are available to purchase now, either individually, or in handy sets, offering you five products at a bargain price. Shop the full collection right now here.

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