Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Start each day with your stress in check | This Works Stress Check

I think most beauty fans will have heard of This Works! Their range of products cover everything from travel essentials, to skin firming treatments. Arguably, their most famous range is their selection of sleep products, which are praised a lot in the beauty world and form a staple part of my nighttime routine. Now the brand has repurposed their understanding of the in-built body-clock and 24hr skin solutions, to create a new line of products - Stress Check.

Stress is an ongoing issue, I know that I personally feel that it’s an inevitable part of life. A lot of Brits agree with me too, with a whopping 47% of British adults feeling stressed on a daily basis. Even 59% of Brits feel that their lives have become more stressful in the past five years. We all know that stress isn’t just bad for the mind and soul – stress affects every part of the body, including notable signs on the skin. This Works’ Stress Check range is a multi-tasking collection of products, which have been created to provide immediate relief from the effects of stress on the skin, from the moment you wake up. There are four different products available: the Stress Check Face Mask* (£32 here), the Stress Check Face Oil (£40), Stress Check Breathe In* (£16 here) and the Stress Check Hair Elixir (£25). I’ve been testing two of these lovely products and I wanted to share them with you guys!

The Stress Check Face Mask has been designed to be used in the morning, as that’s when the skin is at it’s most dehydrated. It’s a clever ‘emergency SOS treatment’ which calms irritated skin and restores balance to stressed complexions. It’s perfect all skin types, including skin that is damaged and sensitive.

Stress Check Breathe In isn’t a world away from what we’re used to seeing from This Works. This is designed for those mornings when you wake up before your alarm, worrying about the to-do list you need to get through. It’s a handy, compact spray which contains a soothing remedy, formulated to help you breathe more easily, calm your senses and reduce tension. I honestly think it’s a fabulous product, I think we could all use something like this in our lives. 

The Stress Check range from This Works is available to buy now, it’s a great range to add to your beauty collection – you never know when stress is going to catch up with you! 
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