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Less Is Better | The Limited Edition Capsule Collection from KIKO

This year, KIKO MILANO is celebrating their 20th anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary they have joined forces with seven international brands, which have been created by young and up-and-coming designers. The first capsule collection is called ‘Less Is Better’ and it’s been created by the three young designers of SuperDuper Handmade Hats (Veronica and Ilaria Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli). 

The goal for this collection was to make a perfectly invisible make-up look. There are seven items in the collection, which includes everything from natural Konjac sponges to eyeshadow – I’m here to walk you through my favourite parts of the collection.

The whole collection is packaged in the most gorgeous packaging, I actually think this is the best KIKO packaging I’ve seen, which is really saying something as I’m a huge KIKO fan! The base of all the boxes is a stunning pastel blue, on top of the blue there are pink paint splodges, which are raised on the surface of the box. The box is finished with simply black lettering, which includes the KIKO logo, the SuperDuper logo and the names of the products. 

The KIKO ‘Less Is Better’ Eyeshadow Palette*
First up we have the eyeshadow palette, which is what first captured my attention. The palette is packaged in a compact, in the same pastel blue and pink packaging. The palette features nine eyeshadows, which are all in nude shades. The colours feature a real range of finishes – there are mattes, satins and metallic hues. I wouldn’t say that any of the shades are packed with pigment, but there is variation in the formula. The most pigmented shades are the metallic finishes, the satin shades are second and the matte hues are very lightly pigmented. 

Of course, this fits the “Less Is Better” theme perfectly but it also makes them really easy to work with! All of the shades are really soft and there is very little fallout in the pan – they just glide on easily and allow you to build the shades up to the desired finish. 

The KIKO ‘Less Is Better’ Cream Blush* 
Next we have the Cream Blush, which arrives in a huge glass jar which feels sophisticated and elegant. Inside the pot we find the water-based cream blusher, it’s incredibly soft to the touch and is really nicely pigmented. The blush has the silkiness of a mousse, the freshness of a light emulsion and has a really fine texture. The water in the formulation makes it feel really fresh on the skin too, which is lovely! The gap in the top of the jar isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to get a small, dense brush in the top to pick up the pigment. You can also apply it with your fingertips – both options are workable as the blush is easy to blend. There are two shades in the collection, I have 01 which is a dusty rose pink.

The KIKO ‘Less Is Better’ Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow*
The Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows from KIKO are some of my favourite products of all time, so I jumped at the chance to try one of the new shades. Just like all the other Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows these are soft, creamy and they are packed with pigment! There are three shades to choose from which either have a satin or metallic finish. I have shade 03, which is a stunning metallic coppery, taupe hue. I simply wash this all over the lid and then take a fluffy brush and blend out the edges  - it sets in place and doesn’t budge all day.

The KIKO ‘Less Is Better’ Fluid Highlighter*
Last but not least we have the Fluid Highlighter, which has been designed to give a delicate, strobing effect on the skin, housed in an ultra-lightweight emulsion formula. You simply take a pump of this and apply it all of the skin – I actually use a brush to do this and a little bit definitely goes a long way. 

The Fluid Highlighter leaves the face looking radiant all over, using a combination of soft focus spheric powders, microbeads and pigments. Together the ingredients smooth the appearance of the skin, working to even out the skintone. There are two shades to choose from, which are both delicate and neutral, I have the shade 01, which is yellow toned shade which leaves a golden glow on the skin.

I actually think that this latest collection is one of my all time favourites from KIKO – which really speaks volumes as I’m huge KIKO fan! The collection is available right now from KIKO stores and the KIKO website – I can’t want to see what the other six capsule collections have in store for the KIKO fans! 
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