Thursday, 12 January 2017

Introducing the New Bouclème Curl Cream

I spent a lot of time last year praising the Bouclème brand – as a curly hair lady I quickly became one of the brands biggest fans! The collection by Bouclème is a revolutionary new range, designed by fellow curl sister Michele Scott-Lynch. She was fed up with the dull, lack-luster, disappointing products on the market and had a desire to a range of products that delivered healthy, frizz free curls, without using nasty and artificial ingredients. Thirty years of curl struggle inspired Michele to create Bouclème, which features curl products without using sulphate and silicone, or products that strip away moisture and weigh down the hair.

The latest product to land in the Bouclème world is the Bouclème Curl Cream*. It’s made with coconut oil, coconut fruit extract, kukui oil, shea butter and castor oil – which creates a new nourishing and moisture replenishing product. The cream is a very versatile and really does it all you need it to do, reviving lacklustre curls by injecting shine into the hair. It’s also designed to banishes frizz, leaving curls smooth and bouncy.

What I really love about this product is that it is multi-purpose, you can either apply it on wet hair as a styler or you can apply it on wet hair with the Bouclème Curl Defining Gel for a medium hold. Most importantly (in my eyes at least) is that you can also apply this product into dry hair on day two or three curls, so that you can bring them back to life again. As somebody who has searched the internet tirelessly, I can tell you it’s incredibly hair to find a product that works on both wet and dry hair! For someone who travels as much as me it’s a godsend – as I just want one product to pack that works for the whole time I’m away, rather than travelling with three different things. 

Bouclème strongly believes in the power of nature, so all of their products are created without chemical nasties. Even the preservative used is eco certified and they use fair trade products wherever possible, to ensure that farmers get their fair share! The products are also tested on curls, not animals! The Bouclème Curl Cream is available now, priced at £19 (you can buy it here)

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