Friday, 9 December 2016

The Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit - 3rd Edition

This Christmas I’ve been really blessed and lucky to see a lot of different Christmas gifts, but there’s something really quite special about this one. I can always tell when something feels a bit special to me, as my heart goes all giddy with excitement. Which is exactly what happens when I look at the Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit* (£28 here). It’s potentially one of the most exciting parcels I received when I was preparing for my Christmas Gift Guides.

The Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit arrives in the classic Pixi green packaging – the front of the kit is decorated with bits of holly and other foliage and finished with grey lettering. When you unfold the kit you’re greeted with a palette FILLED with pretty Pixi products. It’s arranged into three different sections, which makes finding what you’re looking for very quick and easy. There are eyeshadows, blushers, contour shades and even highlighters – it’s a really deluxe palette.

On the left-hand side of the palette there is a collection of eyeshadows, featuring 20 different cool toned eyeshadow shades. There’s everything you could ever dream of – from light pinks and lilacs, all the way up to deep purples and greys. The eyeshadows are a very good size too – I hate when there are loads of products but you physically can’t get a brush into the box to pick up the shadow. 

In the middle of the palette we have all the face products, there are some larger rectangle products and some smaller squares. In total, there are three highlighters, two bronzers, two pretty blusher shades and one contour powder. As a highlighter fanatic, I was really happy to see that the highlighters feature in the larger boxes, as normally these are the product you get the least amount of! 

Finally, on the right-hand side of the palette we have 20 more eyeshadows, this time the eyeshadows are on the warmer side of the spectrum. So there are some warm beige and brown tones, plus a few glitter shades too which are my personal favourite. 

I’ve actually never seen anything like this from a mid-range brand, I’ve seen very cheap and tacky palettes and some really hideously expensive palettes, but I just feel like this one is very good value for money with very good quality products. What’s even better is that it’s been designed to suit all skin tones, featuring a range of cool and warm shades in a variety of textures. I donate a lot of the products I receive to charity, but this one is staying firmly in my makeup drawers. It really is a must buy in my opinion – but make sure you grab one for yourself too, as you’re going to struggle to give this one away!

You can buy the Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit - 3rd Edition for £28 (here from M&S Beauty)

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