Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Lavender & Stone | The Suite Of Beauty Rooms You Need To Try

When a little tweet popped in my mentions a few weeks ago, offering me the chance to review a salon, I had no idea what to expect. Lavender & Stone Beauty Rooms is a business ran by businesswoman, Anna, with a suite of four beauty rooms across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Inside the salons they offer a whole array of treatments: from ear piercing, to manicures, facials and massages. I popped along to the Harpenden beauty room to have a peek inside and see what all the fuss is about.

I actually lived in Harpenden for a couple of years, right up the road from the beauty room in Southdown. From the outside it always seemed quite small and low key – however one step inside and your eyes are treated to beauty heaven. The salon itself is a lot bigger than it looks, offering several treatments, a reception area, manicure bar and a huge shopping area where all the products are kept.

I was surprised at just how busy it was inside the beauty room! I always worry that these little local salons wouldn’t get much business, but Lavender & Stone had a steady stream of guests. I had a really warm reception when I arrived and was invited to take a seat. I was offered a drink and asked to fil out a pre-treatment questionnaire (it was all the usual questions that you expect to see in a spa). I was then met by my therapist for the day, who led me to the treatment room, which was actually in a little summer house in the garden – super cute!

She invited me to take a seat and asked me some further questions about myself. She wanted to understand what my average day looked like and where to focus her massage efforts. I was treated to the Decleor Aromatherapy Full Body Massage* so the consultation covered all the areas that the massage would cover and the therapist ensured that there were no areas I would want her to avoid. After the consultation she instructed me on what clothes to remove (everything bar my pants) and which direction to lay and left me with ample time to get changed and comfortable. 

When the therapist returned, she switched off the lights and the heaters and put on the heavenly spa music (which I personally think could have been a lot louder). The Decleor massages use a balm-oil product, which the therapist warms up in her hands and turns to liquid. The Decleor Aromatherapy Full Body Massage started with the head, neck, face and shoulders – which I always find is a super quick way to relax. It moved on to the arms, hands, stomach, legs and feet, before turning on to my front and massaging the feet, legs, arms, hands, back and neck! 

The whole treatment lasted around 90 minutes and no part of it felt rushed. I’ve been in treatments before where it’s felt like the therapist wanted you in and out the room quickly – but my therapist really spent a lot of time on every area of the massage. I also feel that the beautician was entirely respectful at all times and this goes a long way with people like me who feel a bit anxious in these situations. I was recently in a massage where the therapist asked me to turn over and promptly lifted up the blanket and exposed my whole body. Throughout the whole treatment at Lavender & Stone, I stayed completely covered and the therapist carefully moved around the blankets so I stayed warm with my dignity intact!

All-in-all the Decleor Full Body Massage at Lavender & Stone was a glorious experience. It was 90 minutes of pure relaxation and I left feeling like I was walking on a cloud. I looked pretty crazy in the flesh, as my hair was covered in oil and I smelt like 1000 essential oils, but I felt fantastic and that’s really all that matters! 

After the treatment I had a little nose of all the different products on offer in reception – there is a fantastic array of products available. There is also a huge range of Christmas gifts, including goodies from Decleor and Elemis – but also lots of different vouchers and treatments that you could gift your loved ones this year. You can even shop for gifts on their website here!  If you’re Hertfordshire or Buckinghamshire based (or anywhere close) I highly recommend checking out Lavender & Stone! The beauty rooms are beautiful, the staff are kind and friendly, plus the experiences keep your dignity intact! Not the mention that the prices are good too, the 90 minute Decleor Aromatherapy Full Body Massage only costs £65, which is a price that rivals a lot of the spa chains in the country! 
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