Friday, 23 December 2016

Essential Beauty Tools From Boots

Boots tend to know a thing or two about beauty, for decades they’ve been bringing the latest and greatest beauty products to baskets of beauty fans nationwide. If we rewind five years, there wasn’t much on the market for people who wanted beauty tools on a budget. You could either splash out on MAC or other MUA brands, or you were stuck with what you found on the shelves in the high street. The products on the high street used to be rather lackluster and you found yourself wasting your money on products that failed to deliver. However, beauty brands like Real Techniques proved that good quality products, on a budget were possible and the pharmacy brands have been forced to keep up.

I think it’s fantastic news for the consumer, as it means you not only get lots of choice, but you can also get your hands on great products – whatever price point you want to shop at. The Beauty Tools range from Boots has recently been given a bit of a makeover, whizzing the products and packaging into the 21st Century. I’m here to give you the low down…

The 3-in-1 Blending Sponge* (£3.50 here) is exactly what it says on the tin, a specially-shaped sponge which you can use in three different ways. Simply dampen the sponge and you can apply you can use it to apply your foundation. Pop your foundation on the very tip of the sponge for under your eyes and around your nose, use the middle of the sponge for your jawline and use the base for large areas of your face like your cheeks.

The Precision Blending Sponge* (£3.50 here) is for people who want to reach the difficult contours of the face. This is a designed to blend your makeup around your eyes, nose and mouth. Simply dampen the sponge and use to get that perfect finish, no matter where you’re trying to blend.  

Next we have the Sponge Applicator* (£4.50 here) and I’ve actually never seen anything like this one on the market, as it’s a sponge but it’s attached to a handle. It’s fairly small in size, which means you can use it’s fine tip to blend the hard to reach areas, but it’s also big enough to blend your makeup everywhere else too! 

The last sponge in the collection is the Premium Double Sided Sponge* (£3 here). This one is designed to give you the perfect finish, whether you’re using liquid, cream or gel foundation. You simply use the smooth side to blend anything liquid and you use the soft side for pretty powder application.

The last item I have from the Boots Tools Collection is the Eyebrow Shaping Kit* (£10 here). Inside the pouch you get Slanted Tweezers, Pointed Tweezers, an Angled Brow Brush and Spoolie, a pair of Angled Brow Scissors, plus 4 Brow Stencils. The Slanted Tweezers are perfect for plucking stray hairs and you can use Pointed Tweezers for ingrowing hairs, or those little teeny hairs which are hard to get. I don’t trust myself to trim my own brows, but my sister (who is a trained professional) always makes use of Brow Scissors to trim the hairs when they have grown too much. If you’re a complete brow novice, you’ll love playing with the brow templates – it’s a great way to experiment with different looks.

When you consider that everything here is under £10 and the sponges are actually under £5, they represent great value for money. I highly recommend browsing the aisles for these beauties when you’re next in store! 
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