Wednesday, 21 December 2016

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows | Believe the hype

As a beauty blogger, I tend to try a lot of products, so I can often become a bit fickle of beauty products – swapping and changing my favourite items every day. So I’m often impressed when something inspires me so much, that I feel the urge to have every single one in my collection. What surprises me more is then that product is something quite expensive, it has to be good if I’m willing to drop a lot of money on something over and over again! For me, the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows fall straight into this category and I’m here to tell you why!

My love affair the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows started a couple of years ago. After listening to beauty bloggers bang on and on about these little eyeshadow sticks, it was time for me to scrape together my pennies and treat myself. I spent hours pondering, reviewing swatches and debating which one to pick. As soon as it arrived I swept Velvet Orchid (a rich, deep purple) on to my eyelids and it was instant love! I loved that formulation was creamy and pigmented! You just had to smooth a couple of lines of eyeshadow on to the lids, barely touching the eyelid and certainly not dragging! You then just had to take your finger or an eyeshadow brush and blend out the eyeshadow. A quick blend around the edges using a MAC 217 and you were good to go! The best bit was still to come – the staying power! Even on my oily eyelids, these cream eyeshadows set in place and do not budge! 

From there I wanted something a bit lighter and more of an everyday shade, so I opted for Misty Rock (a lighter pearly purple hue) which I’ve worn to death! The next shades in my collection were Nude Milky Way (an ivory cream) and Bubble Glow (a light pink) – which were two shades from the Spring Collection. The two latest colours I’ve added to my collection are Beyond Gold (a rich gold hue) and Ombre Mercure (a glittery silver shade). I thought these would be perfect for the Christmas and festive season, offering a pretty glittery finish with minimal effort required! 

As you can see by the swatches above, these shades are just beautiful! Beyond Gold is on the left and offers a rich gold finish, whilst Ombre Mercure on the right is the perfect silver, taupe blend. I’m so happy to have these in my collection, I know that I’m going to love using them all year long! The By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadows are quite pricey, retailing at £29 each, but in my experience they are worth every single penny! 
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