Monday, 14 November 2016

Pink Parcel | The Look Magazine Edition | November 2016

I’ve been eyeing up Pink Parcel for quite some time, as I think it’s a genius idea! Pink Parcel have taken the monthly subscription box to another level - tying it in with that rubbish time of the month most us ladies have to deal with – our monthly period. Pink Parcel pairs the excitement of a beauty subscription box, with the necessities you need to get through that awful week. 

What I love about Pink Parcel is that it’s completely tailored to you! You choose your favourite sanitary brand and you choose whether you prefer pads or tampons. You then get to choose the delivery date which is closest to your period. When you first sign up to Pink Parcel you get your first box for £6.99, after that the price is £10.50, which is still really affordable. Just place your order and wait for special monthly treat to arrive, right at that time of the month when you really need cheering up.

The November Pink Parcel* is a collaboration with Look Magazine, which means on top of the fabulous box of goodies, you also get a copy of the magazine. The box arrives in a pretty black box, decorated with simple pink lettering, so there’s no obvious signs of what you have arriving in the post (which is handy if you find this type of thing embarrassing). When you open up the box, you’re greeted with lots of mini boxes on the inside.  

Each of the boxes have a handy label, which gives you a hint of what’s inside. ‘Keep these in your bag’ is a cute black bag, packed with your emergency supply of pads or tampons. ‘For Later’ is a box filled with regular pads or tampons and ‘For Night’ is filled with the heavy duty sanitary products you may need to get through the night. Now when I was offered this box, I was expecting you’d get a couple of pads or tampons, but there are LOADS! Easily enough to get through your average period, probably with a few left over to spare. 

The last box ‘For You’ is where the exciting stuff lives, it’s filled to the brim with everything you need for a little pick me up. This month there is a real selection of goodies; there’s a mini Batiste Dry Shampoo, a Chai Teabag, a bar of OMBAR Chocolate, the Balance Me Toning Body Polish, a Mavala Nail Polish in ‘Basel’, a sachet of Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle, the REN Gylcolatic Mask and a mini Ciate Liquid Velvet in ‘Pin Up’. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe how much had been crammed inside!  

I absolutely love the concept of treating yourself at this rubbish time of the month! I love that the box is both practical and also has plenty of treats thrown into the mix! I also love that it’s only £10.50 a box, it’s very good value for money! If you like the look of Pink Parcel, you can sign up on the Pink Parcel website here
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