Friday, 18 November 2016

12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar by Tanya Burr

When the idea of beauty Advent Calendar’s first burst into our community I was completely obsessed! My Ciate Advent Calendar and You Beauty Advent Calendar sat on my mantelpiece with pride and I grinned from ear to ear with every door I opened. I still absolutely love the Advent Calendar trend but it’s clear that it’s all gone a little bit bad. It’s incredibly difficult to wade your way through the various choices and some of them are very expensive! If you’re looking to enjoy the Advent Calendar madness, without spending a fortune, I really think the Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar is the one for you! 

I’ve been a big fan of Tanya Burr’s makeup line from the beginning, I think offering decent makeup to the younger audiences is so important. It’s fantastic that fans of YouTube stars can get their hands on products endorsed by their heroes, which actually represent value for money. The Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar only costs £15 – although it’s RRP is listed at £25, it’s remained at £15 for the whole festive build up. Better still it’s absolutely gorgeous, even as a 25-year-old woman this really pulls at my heart strings. 

The Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar arrives in a big blue and white rectangle box, the top of the box is decorated with gold details and the name of the product. The Advent Calendar resembles ‘Tanya’s House’ with pretty French windows, decorated with black fairy lights and silhouettes of Tanya, Jim and Martha (their adorable sausage dog). I’m personally really impressed by the quality of the Advent Calendar, it certainly doesn’t feel like something that only costs £15!

There are 12 windows on the Advent Calendar and behind each one you find a Tanya Burr makeup product or accessory. Inside the Advent Calendar there are three Tanya Burr nail polishes, three lip glosses, two glitter eyeliners and two pots of glitter/shimmer dust. What I love is that all the colours and products are perfect for this time of year – it’s really all the colours and trends that you need for Autumn/Winter and the festive party season! There are also two accessories in the form of a little mirror and a nail file, I personally find these kinds of nail files completely useless, but the mirror is a really nice touch.

When you consider that the nail polishes alone retail for £4.99 each, you easily get value for money in this Advent Calendar. I honestly feel that for £15 this is a fantastic treat for yourself (or anyone in your life) it’s a fantastic way to try some new makeup this December without spending a fortune. Well done to Tanya Burr and her (clearly) fantastic team! If you’re interested in the Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar, you can pick it up here
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