Monday, 17 October 2016

The £10 Highlighter Palette | Sleek Precious Metals

When it comes to highlighting palettes, there is wide range of options available, from the high street right up to high end. Highlighters are one the products that I like to invest in, so I never want to compromise on quality or pigmentation. For this reason, I often avoid cheaper palettes, for the fear that I’ll feel disappointed. Sleek Makeup have now released several highlighter palettes (including a limited edition one for Halloween) each boasting different colours and formulations. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been testing this beauty and I only have good things to say. Keep reading!

The Sleek Makeup Precious Metals Palette* has actually been available for a couple of years. However, it has recently had its packaging refreshed, so it matches all the others in the line-up. It arrives in a beautifully metallic compact, which is slightly reflective and finished with the Sleek logo. Sleek Makeup prides themselves on creating makeup for every skintone, so they are proud to say that this palette is truly versatile.

Inside the Precious Metals palette there are four products; three of them are soft cream formulas and one of them is a pretty powder. They are incredibly pigmented; you really only need a light touch to achieve an impressive finish on the skin. Each of the highlighters either has a metallic or iridescent finish, so they really look quite impressive on the skin. The Precious Metals Palette is as the name suggests, a highlighter palette inspired by four different metals. On the top left we have Platinum, top right is Royal Gold, bottom left is Renaissance Gold and then bottom right is Antique Bronze.

The best thing about this palette is that it offers beautiful shades and formulations, which also work well as muiti-tasking products. You can use the products on the cheeks, but also on the brow bone, as eyeshadows and in the inner corners of the eye. You could even use a larger foundation brush and apply the products to the décolletage or arms/legs for that extra radiance. I’ve swatched all the shades for you below, as you can see they really are beautiful shades. I’m quite sad that I snubbed this palette for such a long time, it’s an incredible product that is well worth it’s £9.99 price tag.

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