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Halloween Looks That Don't Break The Bank | Maybelline

If you want a killer makeup look which won't break the bank, then look no further! I was recently sent ideas for three gorgeous looks from Maybelline and I just had to share them with you guys, as I think they are fabulous! These three looks will have you looking great all night long and they each cost less than £29 to create! Lots of these looks reuse a lot of the same products, so you can actually have a different look for each of your halloween parties.

Look #1 Glam Vamp
This first look pairs a simple smokey eye, with a gorgeous red lip. 
  1. For the smokey eye, Maybelline recommend using the Rock Nudes Palette (£9.99), start by adding black and purple eyeshadows to the outer corner of your eyelid, then take a silver shadow and add it to the inner corner of your eye lid. 
  2. Grab a big fluffy blending brush (I always use the MAC 217) and blend both sides of the eyeshadow together.  
  3. Next you take a bold eyeliner, like the Master Precise Curvy* (£6.99) and use the thick edge to create a bold line above and below the eye. Maybelline's makeup artists recommend starting in the corner of the eyelid and working out towards the edge.
  4. The Colossal 100% Black Mascara (£6.99) is one of my favourites and it's perfect for finishing off the eye, just load plenty of coats on to the lashes for lots of volume.
  5. Finally, finish the look with a perfect red pout! These Color Drama Lip Paints* (£4.99) are brand new and they offer great pigmentation. Red-dy Or Not* is a deep red hue with a semi-matte finish! 

Look #2 Femme Fatale
This look combines a nude pink lip with stunning spider eyelashes.
  1. The eyes in this look are very natural, so you just need to take a light pink eyeshadow and use it to highlight your eyelids.
  2. Take an ultra fine liquid eyeliner, like the Master Precise Liner (£5.99) and draw a very fine line on the upper lid.
  3. Here is where we up the ante, as we take the Colossal Spider Effect Mascara* (£7.99) and apply it to the lashes. This mascara gives you crazy length and volume, offering defined pointy eye lashes. 
  4. Finish the look with a nude colour, the Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick in Nude Thrill (£6.99) is perfect for this! The Vivid Mattes offer strong pigmentation with a matte finish which is still comfortable on the lips!

Look #3 Dark Temptress
This look is dark and sultry, pairing a dark eye with a dark lip.
  1. Just look in look #1 we're going to use a purple shimmer shade on the outer corner of the eye. We're then going to use the pink and silver hues on the inner corner and blend them both together with a fluffy brush. The Rock Nudes Palette is again perfect for this look as it has all the colours you need. 
  2. This time we're also going to take the smokey effect under the lash line, for a really smokey finish to the eyes.
  3. Take your preferred liquid liner and draw a smooth line across the top of the eyelid, finish the eyes with the Colossal 100% Black Mascara for thick voluminous lashes. 
  4. This time finish the look with a dark lipstick! I've featured the Midnight Merlot Lipstick (£6.99) from the Loaded Bolds collection before, it's a rich formula which really packs a punch! 

I'd love to know which of these looks is your favourite, I think Maybelline have done a great job putting these looks together!
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