Friday, 23 September 2016

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Eyeko is an award-winning makeup brand, specialising in my eye makeup products. It was started in 1999 by makeup veterans, Max and Nina Leykind, with the aim to re-invent the mascara market. They came up with the idea of creating "zero-waste squeeze tubes" which would later become iconic in the makeup industry. They wanted to create a wardrobe of formulas and brushes, which would offer easy application but also give instant results. 

For me, Eyeko is just one of those brands that has sat in my beauty stash for ages and I've just never tested it. I've had Eyeko in tons of different beauty boxes, but they always seem to be eyeliners, which just isn't "my thing". So when the Eyeko Magic Mascara landed in my collection, it went straight to my dressing table for testing.

The Eyeko Black Magic Mascara offers you the chance to "transform your lashes". The mascara aims to be the
 "ultimate mascara" with a formula that creates volume, curl and drama with an extreme black finish. The mascara comes packaged in the iconic squeezy tube that I mentioned earlier, paired with a curved brush. Eyeko call the brush "the curvaceous helix brush" designing it for full lash contact.

I have to be honest and say that the first time I used this mascara, I was really disappointed. I actually went to delete it my pictures of it as I just didn't think I wanted to review it. However, something compelled me to try it a second time and I fell in love. The first time I used it I just found it watery and far too thin, which meant it did not create any volume or drama. I'm not sure if it just needed some air in the tube, because every time since, it has been performing completely different.

The brush makes the mascara really really to apply, it really hugs the lash line, catching every single hair as you apply the mascara. The brush itself is actually quite small, which means I tend to get the mascara all over my eyelid, so I do need to do a little cleaning up before I can leave the house. The formula of the mascara is really nice, it's lifts, curls and volumises my lashes. It doesn't clump and it doesn't seem to crumble off my lashes during the day. It's also water-resistant which means you don't end up with panda eyes if the April Showers pay a visit! The formula is also created with keratin and shea butter, to create a blend which offers long-term lash care.

All-in-all I'm pretty impressed and I'm really glad I gave the mascara a second chance. It retails for £17.50 and you can pick it up from M&S here.
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