Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Budget Strobing With Makeup Revolution

Strobing is taking over the world at the moment, it really is something that is growing with popularity by the minute. Literally all the beauty brands are getting in on the action this season and beauty fans are inundated with choice. When there's so much choice it's really hard to choose what to buy, which explains why I've probably added 10 new strobing products to my collection in just a few weeks. I'm not normally a fan in a brands copying other brands ideas, but sometimes there's a product you just can't ignore. 

The Strobe Highlighter Powder by Makeup Revolution might look familiar to you, as they are very similar to the new highlighters by Laura Mercier. The difference is that these cost just £3, whereas the Laura Mercier highlighters are £32. The Strobe Highlighter from Makeup Revolution comes in three different shades and they are actually all very similar. I picked up Moon Glow and Radiant Lights, to be honest it's almost impossible to tell them apart, I really don't need both in my collection.

The Strobe Highlighter Powder comes packaged in a black compact, with a clear lid which lets the beauty of the highlighter shine through. I will say that the compact feels very sturdy and secure, however I gifted one of these to my sister and it shattered on the way home in the car. The powder is finished with a wave like pattern which is embossed into the powder. As you'd expect from Makeup Revolution these powders are really pigmented, one dab of my brush in the compact is enough product for my whole face (and I like a lot of highlighter). The powder adds a beautiful glow to the skin and it looks beautiful when it catches the light. 

When it comes to Strobing, I really think it's worth investing in some of the high end products. Purely as I think highlighting powders will be in fashion forever, so it's a great way to invest your money. However if you're strapped for cash, these powders from Makeup Revolution are beautiful, well worth spending your pocket money on. You can pick up the Strobe Highlighter Powder from TAM Beauty now

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