Friday, 30 September 2016

Autumn #SpaBeauty Tips With Good Spa Guide

Last week I took part in the latest #SpaBeauty chat in collaboration with Good Spa Guide. This is the second chat that I've taken part in and they never disappoint. The Good Spa Guide aim to demystify the growing world of spa beauty. Their Twitter chats aim to help you pick the best spa and treatments wisely, so that you don't waste your money and you get the most from your spa experience. I joined lots of other amazing bloggers to chat about Autumn spa beauty tips, our home-spa routines and protecting our skin from the Autumn weather. I really love taking part in these chats as I pick up lots of great tips, I'm here to share some of my favourites! 

Early morning pick-me-ups 
One thing I hate about Autumn/Winter is waking up when it's dark outside. When it's dark outside I really struggle to wake up and get going. For years I've made use of the Aromatherapy Associates oil products to spruce me up first thing - the Revive Body Oil* is perfect for this, I just apply the oil to my skin in the shower. The Revive line is an uplifting and detoxifying formulation, designed to wake you up with it's fruity fragrance.

Stopping clogged pores and protecting your skin from dehydration 
Regular readers will know all about my combination skin, I have a really oily t-zone but my cheeks can get quite dry and sore. I tend to commute by train a lot in the colder months, which means my skin is exposed to the wind and rain. Therefore my skin really suffers from dehydration, but if I use too many greasy products on it my pores become clogged. I loved Hayley's (from Tea Party Beauty) tip of adding an extra exfoliating product into your routine. Caudalie's Deep Cleansing Exfoliator* is perfect for this as it's perfect for all skin types. It uses lots of active ingredients to renew cells and help the texture of the skin. 

Protecting your body from dry patches
My feet, knees and elbows really suffer with drying out in the colder months. I loved Ting's (from The Ting Thing) suggestion of adding a few drops of body oil to your regular moisturiser for an extra boost. She mentioned that you can do the same with your skincare routine. You could add the Renight Oil from Comfort Zone* to your night cream for something super indulgent. 

The perfect at-home spa evening

I shocked the group with the news that I hate baths, I just find them so uncomfortable and boring, so for me it's all about making the shower as luxurious as possible. The Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil by Aromatherapy Associates* is perfect for this, simply rub the oil onto your body and then jump under the shower. Your skin feels soft and nourished, but you also leave the shower feeling ready for bed. For me the next important step in any at-home spa is a good face mask.

The new Trufflesque mask from Temple Spa* is one everyone needs to try. First of all lets discuss the fact that it is GOLD, you can feel yourself glowing before you even take it off. The goal of the mask is to leave your skin feeling more plump and super hydrated. It's also packed with lots of great anti-ageing ingredients, which helps to create the appearance of instant youthfulness in the skin.

Lastly we all agreed that you need a lovely hot beverage, lots of ladies were a fan of hot chocolate, including Chloe (from Lady Writes) who suggested Hazelnut Hot Chocolate - YUM! Some of us have been testing the tea from Camilla's Tea House London* and it's some of the best I've tried. So far I've tried Lemon and Ginger (Zest Tea), Very Berry and Green Mint and it's hard to pick a favourite.

Once again, just like the last chat, we all left the chat lusting over spa days and me time! I think it's lovely to take the time to chat about pamper time, I've taken lots of inspiration from people who joined the chat and I'm going to be taking advantage of the long evenings ahead of us! 
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