Friday, 9 September 2016

An Introduction to H&M Beauty

I have really fond memories of walking around H&M, which my first few pounds "spare income". I was at University and I was just falling in love with makeup, I spotted a nail polish duo for like £3.99 and I fell in love. As my love for makeup grew apart from my little nail polish duo and really forgot H&M Beauty even existed. Until the relaunch last year, when the beauty blogging world went mad for the new line of makeup. It took me a long time to gave into the hype, but a few weeks ago I picked up a few items.

The relaunch of H&M Beauty happened in May 2015, with H&M announcing 700 new items of beauty. The line includes "make-up, haircare, bodycare and other essentials" and the prices start as low as just £1.90. The packaging of the new line is incredibly chic, inspired by gloss black compacts and hexagon shapes. The line includes lots of makeup essentials that every girl wants in your makeup bag.

I decided to pick up a few different items, kicking things off with my biggest love; eyeshadow palettes. I opted for the Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey Nudes, which features nine different shades. It comes in a black glossy compact, which has a large mirror inside. The nine shades are quite shimmery palette, which I personally love and it comes with a leaflet of tutorials to get you started. The shades are quite pigmented and offer incredible quality when you consider the palette costs £9.99. Keeping on the eyeshadow theme, the next thing I picked up two of the Eyeshadow Pencils - in the shades 'Fairytale' and 'Golden Age'. These are really pigmented and very glittery, they glide onto your eyes with ease and they have credible staying power. I just draw these straight onto my eyelid and blend them out with my finger tip.

Next on my hit list was the Eyebrow Pencil, which retails for just £2.99. It offers strong colour payoff, in quite a firm formulation, so if that's what you look for in an eyebrow pencil, this is for you! Personally I prefer very soft formulations, so it doesn't compare to my favourite eyebrow pencils and I would not expect it to, as they are often nine times the price! Tango Pink was my Powder Blush of choice and to be honest, the twenty-two different shades makes it hard to pick. I love everything about this blusher, from it's pretty hexagon packaging, to the formulation inside it's a winner in my eyes!

I've swatched everything for you in the image below. Moving left to right, we have three shades from the eyeshadow palette, followed by 'Golden Age' and then 'Fairytale'. The sixth swatch is the Eyebrow Pencil and finally you have the Powder Blush in Tango Pink. All things considered, this is a really nice line of makeup, in my opinion it will not compete with the high end brands, but if you're comparing to Rimmel London and Maybelline, I think you're on to a winner. The line is available in 900 stores but you can also pick it up online at - wooh!

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