Monday, 29 August 2016

The Warm Neutrals Palette by Sigma Beauty

We all know I'm a palette addict, especially if it's a sleek black compact of neutral eyeshadows. I don't know about you guys, but I did not even know that Sigma created makeup products? So the Warm Neutrals Palette* is a bit of a welcome surprise to my collection.

The lovely Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Palette first launched in 2013, as part of the Enlight Collection released around Christmas time. As you can see it's an impressive black compact which includes 12 different eyeshadows in a variety of different formulations. The palette itself is created from cardboard, but it's pretty robust, it definitely does not feel flimsy and I'd happily throw it in my handbag. The palette is matte black and it's decorated with the words 'Sigma Beauty' in glossy letters. As you flip open the palette you're greeted by a large mirror and the 12 eyeshadows, which are also embossed with the Sigma Beauty lettering.

So what sets this apart from other neutral palettes? Well the 12 shades include all the classic shades you'd expect from a palette like this, but there some different shades thrown in for good measure. In particular I'm referring to 'Optimistic' which is the pink hue on the bottom row and 'Russet' which is the burgundy shade above it. As someone with green eyes, these purple-toned shadows are most welcome. Shades like 'Warm Stone' (the last one on the bottom row) allow you to add some real darkness to your look. It's the perfect palette to carry you from a daytime look to something more sultry in the evening. 

The shadows come in all different formulations, which include; duo-chrome, matte, sheen, frost, dimensional frost, shimmer and glimmer. It gives you real choice when you're planning your look and it means the palette appeals to lots of different tastes. The shades are nicely pigmented and really easy to blend to create a seamless look. There is some fallout in the pan, but this doesn't transfer to the face, which allows you to be really creative.

The Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Palette is priced at $39, which really is quite good value for money, pick it up from the Sigma Beauty website. Enter SIGMA2016 at the checkout to save 10% off everything on the site! 

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