Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The High-Efficiency Face Cleaner from Hylamide

If you browse my blog for DECIEM (the umbrella brand behind Hylamide), you will not find a DECIEM product I hate. In fact, everything I've tried from Hylamide, NIOD, Hand Chemistry and Fountain has been beautiful. Hylamide recently announced the release of their new High-Efficiency Face Cleaner*. It's designed to be a skin-balancing formulation, which removes all makeup and impurities from the skin, whilst adding hydration to the skin. I'm here to give you the low down...

I've always admired DECIEM's no-nonsense approach to product design. From the minute you receive the High-Efficiency Face Cleaner it oozes simplicity. The cardboard packaging has a neat tab, which you pull to reveal the product inside. The bottle is very simple and it's colour coded so you know exactly which range it's from. The writing is simple and it's easy to read, giving you clear instructions on how to use it. You simple unscrew the metal lid, replace it with the handy dispenser and you're good to go.

The High-Efficiency Face Cleaner is packed with oils of Mediterranean Crambe and East Asian Kanuga, which are combined with plant-derived esters. Together these ingredients work to 'delete' all impurities from your face and eye makeup. As you rinse away the cleanser a layer is left on the skin, which is created by Amazonian oils and purified tomato carotenoids. These leave a layer of comfortable protection on the skin. 

Using the cleanser is very simple! If you're wearing makeup, apply the cleanser to dry skin and then rinse away. If you're face is clean or makeup free, using the cleanser with a wet face and then rinse it away. I first used this cleanser in the morning on what I thought was clean skin and I was quite shocked. After cleansing my face brush was covered in foundation and makeup, which the cleanser had broken down! As far as I was concerned, the makeup wasn't even there, so you can tell how well this cleanser removes all traces of makeup. 

The Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner retails for £19, pick it up from the DECIEM website or from Look Fantastic. 
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