Monday, 4 July 2016

Yes To Tomatoes | Skincare For Combination Skin

I don't remember ever trying something from Yes To, so it's a completely new brand for me! They create an award-winning line of natural products, which are created to not break the bank. They create tons of lovely products, from skincare to haircare, each split into one of six different families, made with a signature natural ingredient in mind.

When the Yes To Tomatoes line landed on my doorstep, I didn't expect this to be a line for combination skin. I expected something very light and airy, but I was surprised (and excited) to see the deep black colour of the cleanser shining through! The Yes To Tomatoes lineup is brand new and it's a detoxifying line up, designed for people with combination or acne-prone skin. 

What is fantastic about the Yes To Tomatoes line, is that is 96-97% natural (depending on the product). The line is created with on-trend "activated charcoal" which is fantastic at removing impurities and the range is made without parabens, SLS and silicons. The new lineup from Yes To is made up of lots of different products and I've been testing two, which I'll talk about today. As the name suggests, the range is created with organic tomatoes, which are proven to be a natural source of anti-oxidants. 

First of all we have the 
Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser*, which is created to draw out impurities, purify skin and deep clean the skin. As I already mentioned, the cleanser is black in colour and it has a thick gel texture, it's actually unlike any cleanser I've used before. It's designed to unclog the pores, whilst eco-friendly jojoba seeds provide some exfoliation. The second product in the line up is the Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask*, which again pairs organic tomaotes with activated charcoal, aloe, watermelon, pumpkin and chamomile to create a mask. The formula of this mask is very creamy and it feels lovely on the skin. It's designed to reduce blemishes and clear breakouts, without stripping or irritating the skin.

The new Yes To Tomatoes collection is available at Boots and the prices of this line start at just £3.99. It's well worth checking out if you have oily/combination skin and you want to tackle it on a budget! 
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