Friday, 29 July 2016

The Beauty Games Collection by KIKO

As soon as I saw the new KIKO collection, I thought it was absolutely genius. The Beauty Games Collection is inspired by the 2016 Olympic Games, creating a collection inspired by fun, colour and sports. All the products in the collection are inspired by are hitting the playing fields. The collection is designed to be feminine, sporty and elegant. The full collection features nine new products, from bronzers, to highlighter sticks, to coloured mascara, to nail polish. I'm here today to show you a small selection from The Beauty Games Collection.

First on my list is the Beauty Energy Mascara*, which is available in five different shades. The shades include a classic black hue and then four bright colourful shades. The mascara is designed to be both volumizing and lengthening. I've been experimenting with 'Vivid Violet' and 'Energetic Indigo' which both look lovely on the very tips of your eyelashes. Simply apply your normal favourite mascara and then brush the Beauty Energy Mascara on to the ends of your eyelashes. The wand itself is made from silicon, which follows the shape of the lashes, making application simple.

Inside the pink tube is the Fresh Cushion Perfector Base*, designed to be a perfecting base with a light coverage and soft, velvety finish. The gel product has coloured micro-pigments inside, enriched with hyaluronic acid to give your skin a burst of moisture. The base comes in two shades; light/medium and medium/dark, I had medium/dark which is the wrong shade for me, but it felt very light and smooth in my skin. 

The star of the show from my collection is the Take It All Beauty Kit*. The kit is available in two different shades and it's designed to give you everything you need. Inside the exclusive kit, you get three eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blusher and a kajal pencil. You also get an eyeshadow applicator and a small brush, which I personally think waste space, but I know lots of people like to see them included. One of the kits has a Natural Tones vibe, whilst mine is a Rosey Tones finish, which regular readers will know I love! The kit is packaged in a blue zipped leather case, which is not the most sleek packaging, but it does keep it well protected! It's an amazing little kit for chucking into your handbag for on-the-go emergencies! 

These are just three products from The Beauty Games collection, there are six other amazing products to choose from. I thinking in particular of the 3D Light & Glow Highlighter and the Outdoor Bronzer. The collection is limited edition and it will not be around for long, so if you like something, get to KIKO quickly! On your marks, get set, go! 

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