Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary Makeup Collection

Let me start by saying I'm more of a dog person, but there's something so endearing about the collections by Paul & Joe. Paul & Joe is one of the brands I rarely see on the bloggersphere and it's a real shame, as they are a beautiful brand. The whole brand to have has a real Parisian feel, designed to bring a sense of happiness to your makeup routine. It's about having fun whilst giving your skin and makeup a real healthy radiance. Twenty years have passed since the brands creation and Paul & Joe are celebrating! They've released the Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary Makeup Collectionand it's got something for everyone! 

The Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary Makeup Collection is naturally inspired by cats. I can practically hear the cat-obsessed beauty lovers squealing with excitement! The adorable cat-themed collection features for of Paul & Joe's most loved beauty items. The collection has been created using the special anniversary print, which means it's truly unique to this special birthday. 

As you open the box, two fabric items fall onto your lap and they are just beautiful! The first is a Paul & Joe Tote Bag which folds into a cat shaped pouch. It's perfect for chucking into your handbag for next time you need an emergency carrier bag. The other item is an adorable pouch, in the iconic hummingbird print from 2006. This clutch bag was so popular in 2006 that Paul & Joe customers queued for hours just to get their hands on it! 

Let's talk about the makeup! First of all we have the lipstick, which was first launched in April 2004. It's shade 025 and it's packaged in the iconic cardboard packaging, with a panther print. The shade is a pretty peach-pink, which is perfect for summer and lots of different skintones. The Pressed Compact Duo (in shade 001) was first launched for Paul & Joe's 10th Anniversary. It's the perfect party compact, with a pressed powder on one side and a glittering highlight on the other. It's finished with the flower embossing and a pretty white flowered compact. Finally we have the Face Colour in Cheerful Tulip (shade 39). This caught the eye of cat fans in January 2005 and it's making a reappearance 11 years later. It's the perfect shade to pop onto the apples of your cheeks, whatever the season! It's packaged in a yellow cardboard pan and embossed with the flower again.

The Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary Makeup Collection is going to be a hit with Paul & Joe fans. However, I also think it's a great way for a new fan to get acquainted with the brand. The kit is available now, priced at £64.

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