Friday, 17 June 2016

Cherry Blossom from The Library of Fragrance

My love affair with The Library of Fragrance shows no real signs of slowing down. The more I try, the more I love! So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted some scents from The Library of Fragrance at discount prices in TK Maxx. I quickly had three in my basket, but in the end I took the sensible road and just left with one; Cherry Blossom.

I can never resist telling The Library of Fragrance story, as they’ve come a long way since 1996. The Library of Fragrance started life with just three scents (Dirt, Grass and Tomato) and now they have over 300! A smaller collection of these luscious scents are available in the UK from Boots and there's a larger selection available here in the UK via the The Library of Fragrance website. The scents are made to be simple and uncomplicated. They aim to capture one single scent at a time and they made to be subtle additions to our perfume wardrobe. The premise of the business is to create scents that surround us all day every day, but are often under appreciated. 

The Cherry Blossom scent is my kind of heaven and it’s inspired of course by the cherry blossom, Japan’s unofficial national flower. The Cherry Blossom takes a very special position in Japanese culture and I happen to have a couple of trees in my front garden. The cherry tree actually comes in loads of different varieties and what is special (and sad) about them, is that they only bloom for a couple of days in spring. In my opinion, there isn’t much prettier than a blossoming cherry tree, you really have to appreciate it, as it does not last long! The scent itself is a very soft scent, which has a subtle floral undertone with a hint of cherry. It’s honestly so pretty and its such a perfect scent for springtime.

The Library of Fragrance scents are designed to be layered, so you can create something really unique. I’ve been mixing it with ‘Peach’ to add that extra fruity dimension. I also love the suggestion from The Library of Fragrance of mixing it with Fresh Laundry for a ‘clean’ note. Do you know the best bit of all this? They only retail for £15 each, which is a fraction of the price of a lot of fragrances on the market. You can test these fragrances in Boots stores, each one will bring back a certain memory or remind you of your favourite things. Meanwhile, you can check out the range on the Boots website
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