Friday, 24 June 2016

Brushes from Sigma Beauty

I really feel like Sigma Beauty needs no introduction in the beauty world. The brand was only founded in 2009 and they’ve quickly become a huge online international success. In December 2012, Sigma Beauty opened their first ever store, today over 250 retailers share in their success in over 70 countries. They sell an incredible range of makeup brushes, which I feel most people have heard of, but I did not realise that they stocked makeup too! I’ve recently been testing lots of products and I’ll be sharing my thoughts in the coming weeks. Today I’m here to share three brushes I’ve been testing and share my thoughts.

The Sigma Beauty brush collection is huge, in fact there are over 130 different product combinations on their website. The first brush I’ve been testing is the 3DHD Kabuki Brush* is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s designed to be a multi-purpose make up applicator, designed and engineered to fit in all the contours of your face. You can see in the picture that it’s cut in a very interesting shape and it is densely packed together. This makes it perfect for liquid, cream and powder, the brush glides around your nose, eyes and cheeks to create a finish without ‘edges’.

The second brush I’ve been testing is the E38 Diffused Crease Brush*, which you can probably tell is Sigma’s version of a MAC 217. It’s a fluffy brush that has been cut so it is round and domed. It’s created with powder products in mind, which makes it fantastic at blending eyeshadow. It fits perfectly into the crease and lets you blend with ease.

The last brush I’ve been testing is the E54 Medium Sweeper Brush* has become my favourite brush for packing on eyeshadow. It’s a wide dense brush, which means it’s really easy to put on your base shades. It’s quite small in size, which means you can be very precise and exact with your application. It’s a great brush to use if you’re in a rush in the morning! It works really well with powder products, but it’s also designed for cream products too.

All of the Sigma Beauty brushes are available in five different colour ways, they are made with SigmaTech® Fibers and they are cruelty free. Sigma Beauty’s signature ‘Sigmax’ fibres are naturally antibacterial and are hypoallergenic. What is really interesting is that they also come with a free two-year warranty on brushes! Which means that in the likely event that you receive a defective product, Sigma will give you a replacement. You can shop the brushes on the Sigma Beauty website and I’m going to be back with more Sigma Beauty reviews very soon!
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