Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Infallible Sculpt Collection from L'Oreal

The Infallible Sculpt Collection from L'Oreal has been out in the stores for a little while now. I was pretty indecisive about spending my money on it for quite some time, but in the end I caved. The Infallible Sculpt Collection is pretty big and it's made up of loads of different items including; the Infallible Sculpt Palette, Infallible Sculpt BlusherInfallible Sculpt foundation and a sculpting brush. The collection aims to start at the very base of your makeup to ensure that your sculpting lasts all day.

The first item I picked up was the Infallible Sculpt Palette, which is a cream-to-powder contouring palette. Cream contouring palettes are actually quite rate on the high street, so it's good to see a brand branching out in this area. I really don't like contouring with cream products - everyone says that it's the easiest way to contour, but I find creams really difficult to use! So I thought that this L'Oreal palette would be a great way to experiment with cream contouring without spending a fortune. What is interesting about this is that the highlighting shade is completely matte, which really rare for any contouring palette. The shades are not very pigmented, so they give you a chance to really experiment without going over-the-top. 

I then opted for the Infallible Sculpt Blusher, which is a palette featuring three different shades, I opted for the palette called 'Soft Rosey'. The three shades can either be used on their own, or you can blend them all together. The colours carry a really good amount of pigment and they offer a really nice glow to the cheeks. I personally find the design of the palette a little bit annoying, as I find it difficult to get a brush into the individual shades.

You can shop the Infallible Sculpt Collection now, it's available in Superdrug here, prices start at £6.99. 
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