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My French Pharmacy Favourites

French Pharmacy has a firm place in my skincare stash, in fact it creeps into my beauty stash in more ways than one. I use French products in my skincare, makeup, my bodycare and even my fragrances. So I think it goes without saying that the Escentual French Pharmacy Month always makes me a little excited. If you're not in the know, during French Pharmacy Month Escentual discount products, so you can save up to 1/3 on some of the best products in the skincare market. I've wanted to share my French Pharmacy favourites for a while now and I thought now is the perfect opportunity.

Serozinc (£8.50 retail, £5.66 during FPM)
This is the first thing that I stock up on during French Pharmacy Month, as I just cannot be without it. Serozinc is a toning mist that you spray onto your skin after cleansing. It's made which just three ingredients; La Roche-Posay’s ultra-soothing thermal spring water, healing zinc sulphate and astringent sodium chloride. These three ingredients target blemishes and oiliness to help your skin "stay fresh all day". I use this every morning and when I skip it, I notice a real difference in my skin. When I use Serozinc, my skin stays oil free all day long, my skin has a lot less breakouts and my pores are a lot less noticeable. 

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Wipes (£7 retail, £4.44 during FPM)
I’ve not used a makeup wipe on my face for at least three years, so letting a makeup wipe back into my life was a pretty big deal. These Bioderma Sensibio H20 Wipes aim to give us an on-the-go option for quick and easy cleansing. The Bioderma Sensibio H20 Wipes are super-gentle, designed for even the most sensitive skin. They remove both my foundation and my eye makeup with ease. They do not sting or hurt my eyes, the solution doesn’t upset or unbalance the skin, and it just leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. These are
perfect for plane journeys, makeup emergencies or those late nights where removing your makeup feels like an impossible chore.

Hydraphase Intense Serum (£19.90 retail, £13.26 during FPM)
The latest brainchild of La Roche-Posay, a moisturising facial serum which has been enriched with La Roche-Posay's famous Thermal Spring Water and hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin soak up the moisture. The Hydraphase Intense Serum is more water-like than other serums I've tried and it has a clear formula. As you apply it to the skin it actually feels quite wet and water-like, but it quickly absorbs into the skin without being greasy or sticky. After applying the serum to the skin, it instantly looks plumper and more refreshed and hydrated. I apply this both in the morning and the evening after cleansing, it leaves a great base for makeup and it helps reduce skin tightness if you apply it over night.

Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum (£22 retail, £15 during FPM)
This is another favourite serum of mine and it's very similar to La Roche Posay. It's created with thermal Spa Water and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid with allows to soothe, protect and hydrate all in one handy serum. What I love about this serum is that it looks and feels expensive, it looks swish on the bathroom shelf. The formula itself is a lot runnier than over serums I've tried, which makes it incredibly light on the skin. It's really cooling on the skin, which I love, there's nothing nicer than a cooling serum first thing in the morning! You can see why it's called the 'Power Serum', it's been packed in my suitcase more times than I remember, it's a lifesaver after a 12-hour plane journey! 

La Roche-Posay BB Blur (£16.50 retail, £11 during FPM)
Don't be put off by this being "yet another BB product" - this product is worth reading about! La Roche-Posay's BB Blur aims to blur the appearance of pores, blemishes and fine lines, combining La Roche-Posay's skincare expertise with makeup. BB Blur is specially curated for oily skin, keeping oil at bay all day long with the help of Aircilium. BB Blur is a mousse like consistency, which blends effortlessly into the skin. I use the word 'effortlessly' quite a lot, but this is a whole other level. The mousse offers an impressive medium coverage and the formula blurs all of your imperfections. Whether you struggle with blemishes, dark circles or an uneven skin tone, this leaves your skin that looking incredible.

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder (£17 retail, £11.33 during FPM)
When I first tried this setting powder, it completely changed my opinion on setting powders. I've had quite oily skin all my life, so it's rare for me to leave the house without a setting spray. The Setting Powder from Dermablend was the first Setting Powder that I tried and loved. The Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder aims to enhance the hold of your makeup for 16 hours. It's a translucent powder which is packed with SPF30. It's incredibly fine and it comes with a powder puff for application. I've actually always used a fan brush to apply the setting powder, as I just find the puff too messy.

AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Cream (£15.50 retail, £10.33 during FPM)
The Revitalising Eye Cream from Eucerin, aims to do all the normal things an eye cream should. It fight signs of tiredness (dark circles, puffiness and fine lines) whilst providing moisture, leaving your eyes looking fresher and more awake. You apply the cream directly to your eyes using the metal applicator tip, which (sadly) got me pretty excited, as a lot of brands have been experimenting with this type of applicator. You can use it both in the morning and in the evening, as it leaves a great base for you to apply your makeup. It feels like a combination between a cream and a gel, you just need to work it into the eye area and it soaks away. When I use this cream my eyes definitely look fresher and brighter, it also does a good job of protecting the skin around my eyes from the cold.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm (£9.50 retail, £7.12 during FPM)
When it comes to lip care, I only use one product and it holds holy grail status. Reve De Miel is packed full of amazing ingredients that solves chapped lips and it solves them quicklyReve De Miel has an award winning formula; plant oils, shea butter, grapefruit essence and honey! It smells incredible and it formula isn't greasy in the slightest. It's still free from preservatives, mineral oils and artificial fragrances; it just looks that little bit prettier. Believe the hype on this product, it deserves it and your lips deserve it too!

Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel (£12 retail, £8 during FPM)
This is a lovely fresh cleanser which has a gel formula, it is a foaming product and it springs to life and starts straight to work. What I love about this cleanser, is that it feels like it cleanses right down into my pores and leaves me with skin that feels squeaky clean - but without that tight and dry feeling. My favourite way to use this is with a cleansing brush, it's a great all-rounder and offers a real deep cleanse. The only thing I don't like is that this cleanser can have a tendency to sting your eyes a little, so I have to be a little bit careful. 

What are your French Pharmacy favourites? I'd love some new recommendations as I love experimenting! 
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