Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Blending Wave Multicolour Blush | The Artist by KIKO

If you happen to be feeling a bit uninspired by makeup, a KIKO order is almost guaranteed to make you feel normal again. Their limited edition collections and products are just so beautiful, you can just tell that so much thought has gone into them. The Artist collection is all about an explosion of colour, bringing bright hues into our makeup collection. KIKO wanted to create makeup which felt like art, creating bubbly, lively and feminine products.

The Artist collection is huge and it's all about providing the right tools for you to tap into your creative side. There's everything you could ever need; from serums, foundations and powders, to highlighters, eyeliners, eyeshadows and lipsticks. There's even a make-up pouch and three new makeup brushes to make application simple and easy.

It took me a while to sort through the collection and pick one thing to buy. In the end I opted for the Blending Wave Multicolour Blush, which really is a thing of beauty. The packaging of The Artist collection actually reflects the theme and the packaging is decorated with colourful paint splashes strokes. It's so simple but it just adds something a lovely twist to the packaging which I just love. The rest of the compact is white, which just flips open to reveal the blusher and a handy mirror. 

Inside the compact there is a stunning two-tone blusher, I opted for the shade 'Creative Peach' which is a blend of a traditional peach shade and a brighter pinky hue. The texture of the blusher is incredibly creamy, it's soft and velvety to the touch. The blusher is also really pigmented, the first time I used it I ended up with doll-like cheeks, luckily it's easy to blend! KIKO say that the powder is designed to cling to the skin, giving you a pigmented natural blusher which lasts all day. 

If it's not already obvious, I'm obsessed with the Blending Wave Multicolour Blush. As always, it far outperforms it's £10.50 price tag, it feels and acts like a stunning highend product. You can pick yours now from the KIKO website and the KIKO stores.

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