Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The STUNNING Truffles Collection by Laura Geller

Most of you will realise by now that I have quite the makeup collection, in fact it's getting a little out of hand. I always remember something than Jane (British Beauty Blogger) once wrote in a blog post. It was something on the lines of "when makeup arrives at your house and it's no longer exciting, it's time to stop blogging". It's a thought that has never left my mind and I'm pleased that after four years, makeup still has the ability to make my heart flutter. However, I have to admit that nothing has made my heart flutter quite like The STUNNING Truffles Collection* by Laura Geller, for quite a while.

I honestly think the excitement comes from the novelty! I do love a good palette and as much as I have matte black palettes, it's nice to have something a little different. The Laura Geller The Truffles Collection, is a collection of four miniature palettes, packaged to look like a box of chocolates. As you open the lid you're greeted by four individual boxes, each with their chocolate names. There is; Chocolate Pistachio Palette, Chocolate Plum Cordial Palette, Chocolate Toffee Palette and finally the Chocolate Truffle Palette. Each of the palettes has it's own colour theme and inside each of the boxes, there are three baked shadows which have been made to complement each other. There is also a handy mirror and a mini doubled-ended brush to ensure these palettes are the perfect travel companion.

Frequent Hope, Freedom, Love readers will not be surprised by which of these is my favourite. It has to be the Chocolate Plum Cordial Palette, which includes a sparkly white, a metallic mocha and a rich plum. I can never resist a beautiful palette which has some purple hues. The Chocolate Toffee Palette comes a close second though, it features a coffee shade, a muted chocolate and a rich brown/purple hue. However, I have to be honest and say that I love every single mini palette, they definitely all have a place in my heart. 

The eyeshadows themselves are a baked formula, meaning that they are really pigmented and you can apply them wet or dry. They are also really smooth and creamy in formulation, making them a dream to work with. I love that you can use one palette on it's own, or you can mix and match all the shades. I love that the palettes are small, dinky and perfect for travelling. I love that even though these colours are widely inoffensive; you can give one of the palettes to a friend if you're not a fan of the shades. I essentially love everything! 

I honestly think The Truffles Collection would make a beautiful gift for any eyeshadow obsessive. However, I have to say that I also think this is a nice treat to give yourself. If you're looking for a little treat that is impressive, pretty and functional, this might be it! You can pick up The Truffles Collection by Laura Geller at Escentual here and other retailers for £33. 

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