Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Creamy, Radiant Highlighter from KIKO

I'm no stranger to a highlighter/blusher/bronzer that comes in stick form, in fact I'm a little bit obsessed with them. So when I spotted the Radiant Touch Cream Highlighter on the KIKO website, I knew I had to have it. The highlighter comes in two shades (gold and rose), which is good if like me, you like to switch up your highlighter depending on your mood. I actually found it hard to pick between the two, but in the end I opted for Rose.

Luckily it's everything I thought it would be! It comes packaged in a pretty matte black tube, which you twist up to reveal the highlighter beauty. The shape and size of the highlighter is just right. It is big enough to highlighter your cheekbones, but also small enough for under your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose. The formula is rich and creamy, it glides onto the skin with ease and it blends beautifully. The colour has a very pretty iridescent colour to it, which looks lovely as it catches the light. I find that it's best to apply this on top of my foundation, before finishing with a setting powder. It gives a lovely glow to your cheeks and it doesn't move or upset your makeup that is underneath. 

All-in-all, for £8.50 it's a beautiful buy and it's actually cheaper than a lot of the high street alternatives. You can pick it up in a KIKO store or online here.

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