Saturday, 12 March 2016

Creating My Dream Palette | The Inglot Freedom Palette

Here's the story. I'm in Las Vegas and I'm failing miserably at filling my suitcase with American products. I've already been to Sephora and I spent less than $30, now I'm just wandering around Ceaser's Palace killing time. I spot an Inglot store off in the distance and I rush my way over in excitement. I get inside the shop and there's nobody inside, there's just me and a LOT of makeup. A shop assistant appears from out the back and she offers to show me around. Now, by this point I know I'm not leaving empty-handed, how on earth could I leave this beautiful shop without my own custom palette.

The shop assistant honestly tried her best sales patter to try and convince me to more than three shades. Her biggest argument was that the huge palette was perfect for beginners who do not have a lot of makeup. When I swiftly explained that I have enough makeup to sink the Titanic, she did not even look that surprised, I'm sure she gets it a lot. 

I honestly had no idea where to start, so I asked the shop assistant to show me her favourite shades. I knew what I'd roughly want and logically that would be the same as every other palettes; two neutral shades and then a deep purple. The wonderful shop assistant showed me loads of different shades, rattling off the shade numbers as she went. I honestly have no idea how she memorises them, as there did not seem to be any logical pattern to it at all. She handed me a slate tile and told me to pick out the shades I wanted. I loved the idea of laying my selections out next to each other and comparing them directly side by side.

In the end I opted for three shimmer shades, which tend to be my weakness. The first shade had to be something simple and sparkly, so I picked number 154. I wanted something that would be great as a base, a highlighter and equally stand on it's own merit. For this I picked number, The second shade is number 42, which is a rich brown with a golden undertone. The last shade had to curb my latest addiction; purple eyeshadows. I've become addicted with picking out purple shadows to add to my collection, they always get so many compliments and they match my green eyes perfectly. I opted for number 446 which is a deep plum purple shade, it's much darker on the eyes than it looks in the pan. 

I've been so impressed with the quality and the performance of these shadows. All the internet hype is definitely justified. I love that this palette is truly my three dream shades and it's something I can take away with me wherever I go. I love that the packaging feels strong and sturdy too, whilst still feel chic and different. Nice work Inglot, now I need to resist upgrading to a bigger palette...
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