Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Matching Lips & Tips From Rimmel London | Valentines Day 2016

For my last blog post covering Valentines Day in 2016, I really wanted to do a matching 'Lips & Tips' combination. A matching lipstick and nail polish duo, which is designed to give you a bit of inspiration for the weekend ahead. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go for pink or red, so I decided to let fate decide as I rummaged through my beauty drawers. 

As you can probably tell; in the end I opted for a red theme! I wear burgundy shades quite a lot, but there are actually very few times of the year that I go 'classic red' on my nails. The shade that I gravitated towards is Rimmel London's Double Decker Red, which comes in Rimmel's 60 Seconds Super Shine formula. I absolutely love this range from Rimmel, as the brush is so simple to use and the colour range is beautiful. The formula is made to be chip-resistant and it is a high shine formula, so it is really glossy. The best bit is that it dries really quickly, so it's perfect for a last minute Valentines manicure.

I paired the beautiful red polish with the Rimmel Apocalips shade 'Burning Lava', which is one of their matte velvet formulas. I picked this as it's a gorgeous dark vampy red, but the matte formulation also makes it incredibly long lasting. Which just means that you can count on it all night and it won't budge, whether you're eating or kissing! As you apply this lip lacquer, it feels almost mousse-like on the lips and it's incredibly moisturising. 

The best bit about this Valentines Day inspired duo, is that the whole look will cost you under a tenner (£9.98 to be exact), so it definitely won't break the bank! Whether you're out on a hot date, or spending the night with your girls, why not treat yourself to something new?
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