Friday, 5 February 2016

Bronnley launches NEW Zealous Flower range

Bronnley is brand that only came to my attention recently but I’m quickly falling in love with it. It’s was started by James Bronnley way back in 1880 and it’s a fabulous British success story (I actually have a full feature coming in a couple of weeks). He had the dream of creating homemade English fragrances, which quickly expanded to soaps, dry shampoo, hand creams and toiletries. 

Bronnley have recently announced the launch of their brand new scent; Zealous Flower*. Let me start by saying that this comes packaged in the most beautiful box. It’s a white box that is decorated with a bright geometric pattern, finished with gold lettering. You expect the bottle inside to follow the same vain, but instead it’s a chic black bottle finished with the name of the fragrance in gold. It looks really impressive on my dressing table, swoon!

The launch of Zealous Flower in 2016 joins the popular Eclectic Elements Collection. It’s a innovative fragrance which Bronnley say is created for the “aspirational, imaginative woman”. It’s quite a complex fragrance as it’s a blend of dark and light notes. It starts with notes of mandarin; soft pear and plum; which makes it feel light and fresh. As it wears there are base notes of amber, suede, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood and cedarwood, so it starts to get very woody.

Zealous Flower retails for £35, which is for 50ml, so it’s really not pricey. I think this would make a lovely gift, especially during Valentines Day season! You can pick it up from the Bronnley website here, in a variety of different sizes!
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