Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Tapered Mini Blender Brush by Morphe Brushes

I was recently on the hunt for a makeup brush which would be good for blending eyeshadow and eyeliner under the eyes. In the end I opted for the Tapered Mini Blender Brush by Morphe Brushes, which I picked up from Cult Beauty. I was actually looking for some goodies to take me over the 'free delivery threshold' on my Cult Beauty haul, which is when I spotted the brand. I actually fell in love with almost all of the Morphe Brushes, but I noticed that a lot of them use animal hair, which I wasn't so keen on. The Tapered Mini Blender Brush however, is made with synthetic hair and there was definitely a gap in my collection for it, especially as I've wanted something similar to this for a very long time. 

The brush looks very chic, as it just has a simple black handle which is paired with silver writing and a silver metal casing at the top. The synthetic bristles are really, really soft and they feel really nice on the skin. It's pretty hard to find nice eyeshadow brushes that don't irritate under my eyes, but this one has been fine. What I love about this, is that you can use the Tapered Mini Blender Brush for powder, cream or liquid formulations. Which means that no matter what formula you have, you can have precision application. I've been loving using this over the Autumn/Winter season, it's made smokey eyes an absolute breeze! When I've not been using this under the eye, it's been amazing at working dark shades through the crease. The pointed edge means you can be really detailed with the colour, but the bristles also mean you can blend it out with ease. 

The best part is that the Tapered Mini Blender Brush by Morphe Brushes only costs £6, which I felt was incredibly reasonable. Cult Beauty have recently added some more brushes from Morphe to their lineup, so I might have to pick up a few more for my collection.

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