Thursday, 14 January 2016

Blushed Nudes by Maybelline

There are a whole host of fabulous rose palettes available on the high street at the moment and Maybelline have added another. So, if you’ve not yet had enough of Rose Gold, or you’ve not had a chance to get your Rose Gold fix, this palette is for you. This is the second palette from Maybelline, evolving their original nudes palette. The Blushed Nudes palette has 12 shades, which are all made to complement each other. The shades include everything from bronzed shades, taupes, plums and risqué roses. 

You can be forgiven if you think that this palette looks like many others on the market – mainly the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, but also the L’Oreal Rose palette that I reviewed (and ADORED) earlier in the year.  L’Oreal actually owns both Urban Decay and Maybelline, and you can see that the ideas for palettes have definitely been passed between the brands. 

The palette itself is a metallic pink shade, it has a small window on the front that lets the eye shadows peek through. Maybelline has actually split the palette up, so you can actually use the eyeshadows in duos, trios and quads – so you have a whole host of amazing looks all in one handy palette. It’s a great way to feel inspired to try something a bit different, as they’ve done all the work for you. The eyeshadows are quite soft (my palette definitely doesn’t travel well on a plane) and they are really easy to apply.  I’m a huge fan of the purple hues in the palette, having green eyes, they are shades that really complement my skinton, so they do get a lot of use.They do lack a bit of pigmentation though, which I know is something that a lot of us beauty fans crave from a palette. 

This is a fabulous palette, especially when you consider the price point. It’s clearly not going to be the same quality of Urban Decay, but it’s a very good budget option. The Blushed Nude palette retails for £9.99 and you can pick it up from Boots (here) or Superdrug (here) now.
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