Saturday, 19 December 2015

Discovering 'Jade' | Christmas By Yardley London

The countdown to Christmas is really on the final furlong now and we're nearing the end of my Christmas content here on Hope, Freedom, Love. Since November 15th I've been sharing the best gifts, releases, giveaways, but it's not over just yet. Today I wanted to share with you a bit more information on one of the products I featured in my Christmas Gift Guide.

Yardley London is one of those brands that I've seen around but I've never really had much exposure too. Originally know as the 'House of Yardley', the brand was born here in the UK in the mid-seventeenth century. The brand has had a pretty exciting and busy journey, from losing their shop in The Fire of London, to sponsoring Formula 1 teams, to catering the Royal Family with scents and products. In the past they've been seen as a bit of an old fashioned brand, but they actually had a bit of a vamp in 2014 to bring them into the 21st century. 

Every festive season, Yardley London launch a comprehensive gift range, which is bursting with products, to suit the needs of all your family and friends, no matter what there age and taste. As well as their classic bath and body range, this also have their "Signature Gift Collection" which is full of Limited Edition fragrance sets. In a beauty world which is over ran with tons of fragrance offerings, these sets offer fragrances that smell and look luxurious, without breaking the bank.

The Yardley London Jade Gift Set, retails for £19.99 and comes from retro inspiration. The scent aims to capture the spirit of the 1960's creating a fresh floral scent. The scent is floral but with a fruity note, paring notes of peach with bergamot, galbanum with rose, jasmine, ylang- ylang and orris, finishing with patchouli, sandalwood and moss. It is actually a really unoffensive scent, if you're not familiar with the notes, I would describe this to be just a very clean and refreshing scent. It's a fragrance that I think most women would like, young or old, so it's kind of a "safe bet" if you don't know what they normally go for.

Inside the green and white box, you get a 50ml bottle of the Jade Eau de Toilette, plus a 75ml tube of both the Jade Body Wash and Body Lotion. The gift set retails for £19.99, but it's actually on offer in quite a few places for £10 - making it a fabulous last minute gift.
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