Saturday, 7 November 2015

#SaySi With Giorgio Armani

Before receiving this incredible box of goodies courtesy of Giorgio Armani and Klout, I'd actually never heard of 'Si'. I've seen a lot of perfumes in my time, but this is one that had never managed to capture my attention. When Giorgio Armani came to create his Si Collection, he decided to take inspiration from his past. He actually used his mother for inspiration for the range, citing her "courage, calmness and elegance". 

The range was first created in 2013 and Giorgio Armani wanted his new perfume range to encourage women of the world to say 'yes'. He wanted it to be a perfume to give women motivation, confidence, independence elegance to try something new.

The Giorgio Armani Si perfume collection, is represented in three ways; Si Eau de Parfum, Si Eau de Parfum Intense and Si Eau de Toilette. Each comes packaged in a different box and a different bottle to match the theme.

Si Eau de Parfum is the beginning of the Giorgio Armani Si perfume collection. It's packaged in an clear elegant bottle and finished with a black lid. It aims to bottle 'yes' aiming to be warm and bold but soft. The fragrance starts quite fruity (with notes of Bergamot, Mandarin oil and blackcurrant liqueur). It then moves to be fairly floral (with notes of Rose May, Neroli and Egyptian Jasmine) and it ends with warm woody undertone (with notes of Patchouli oil, Blond Woods, amber and Vanilla).

Si Eau de Parfum Intense is designed to be the 'yes' of night time. Naturally, the clear bottle is swapped with to be a full black bottle and lid. Giorgio Armani says this is something for when the mood shifts and the evening begins. The scent is slightly more intense; starting with the same fruity beginnings and ending with a more heady crushed blackcurrant and Patchouli finish.

Si Eau de Toilette is the more playful scent; adding a more playful aspect into the mix. The bottle is clear but the perfume has a pink colour hue to it, the lid is also a baby pink shade, which I love! The notes are much less complex, instead of having a list of 20 different notes, there are only eight in the Si Eau de Toilette. It's a much lighter scent, whilst still carrying the lovely blackcurrant, mandarin and bergamot scents, adding some pear and some more vanilla into the mix.

I've had all three of these scents on my dressing table since they arrived and I've been alternating between them. I love that they are really wearable scents and I always get a ton of complements whenever I wear them! The scent lasts all day too, which I find to be pretty rare! My favourite of the three is definitely the Si Eau de Toilette, it's a gorgeous scent, yet it's light enough to wear to work. I feel super lucky that I've been able to try the Giorgio Armani Si perfume collection. I've gone from not knowing the range exists, to wearing the collection every single day. I completely get where Armani was coming from with the range, the scent is subtle but playful. When you have confidence that your scent is going to last the whole day, it gives you one less thing to worry about.

What makes you #SaySi? 

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