Saturday, 28 November 2015

Help Your Skin Survive The Winter Chill With NIVEA

Simple skincare that doesn't cost a fortune, but protects and cares for our skin. That's exactly what NIVEA stands for, it's embedded in the brands DNA. Many of us will recognise these blue tins, especially as 15 billion blue tins have now been used worldwide. NIVEA has been creating the iconic NIVEA Creme for over a century, but they've just announced that NIVEA Creme soon to be available permanently in a 75ml tin. 

To mark this exciting evolution in the range, NIVEA has launched four 75ml limited edition collectible tins* for the Christmas season. These special tins will bridge the gap whilst we wait for the formal launch of the 75ml tin in January 2016.

In a world where we all require something different from our skin, these 'do it all' products are really something quite special. The NIVEA Creme has had decades of research pushed into it, which means they can create quality but affordable product, that anyone can use on a daily basis. The special 75ml limited edition NIVEA Creme tins are a great addition to the existing iconic range. They will appeal to everyone, young or old - and they will be a great addition to any Christmas present this year.

Each special tin has been designed by artist Joelle Tourlanias, creating beautiful illustrations which will resonate with everyone at this time of year. Joelle Tourlanias took influence from the core values of NIVEA Creme – simplicity, care, courage, trust and family. What I love most about these special tins, is that inside the lid, there is a link to an online fairytale, written by children’s author Udo Weigelt. NIVEA hope that the four unique stories will encourage families to spend more time together, reigniting the magic of story time. 

The NIVEA Creme Tales range is limited edition and they will be available for a limited time only. They are available now at Boots, Asda, Morrisons, and the NIVEA online shop.
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