Monday, 19 October 2015

The £15 Eyeshadow Palette That Has Blown Me Away

When I purchased the L’Oreal ‘La Palette Nude’ palette in the shade ‘Rose’, it was a complete on the whim purchase. It was on offer at Superdrug and I just fancied giving it a whirl. I love it when a late night beauty purchase pays off, because this palette really is top dollar. 

This palette was actually originally released last November, I remember gossiping about it with many of my beauty friends at the time. It was dubbed to be the L’Oreal answer to the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, bringing rose and pink hues to the high street. Inside the gloss black compact, we find a handy mirror and 10 beautiful neutral eyeshadow shades. The shades all have a pinky, rose edge to them, with a beautiful purple shade and a champagne white thrown in for good measure. The palette also comes with a little brush, which has the standard useless foam applicator on one end, but a more handy brush on the other.

The compact itself is actually made out of plastic and it’s really sturdy. It’s not difficult to open and it’s quite small, which makes it a travellers dream. The shadows inside are a good size, they are about the width of a standard eyeshadow brush, which makes application a dream. The eyeshadows are pigmented beautifully, there’s actually nothing I don’t like about them. They have enough pigment that you’re not stuck for ages applying them, but they are not too pigmented that you get yourself in a royal mess. There is no fallout on the shadows, which for me is a huge plus, I don’t have time to clean up my foundation before dashing to work!

My favourite shade of the lot has to be the aforementioned purple shade, it’s absolutely gorgeous blended through the crease. It’s also beautiful all over the lid for something a little more smokey. I can’t believe it’s taken me the best part of 12 months to cave and buy this palette, as I’m now starting to wonder how I ever lived without it.

You can pick up the L’Oreal La Palette Nude palette from Boots and Superdrug, retailing at £14.99. 
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