Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Stephanie Does Scrapbooking (Part 2)

For this weeks lifestyle post, I thought revisit my scrapbook! You guys loved my original post and I've recently been shopping to stock up for my next project. As I mentioned last time, I'm really not naturally super crafty (although I really wish I was). However, what I love doing, is collecting special tokens, leaflets, pictures and momentos from my daily life and travels. Over the past few years, I tried a several different ideas and methods for scrapbooking. After many failed attempts, I finally found a system that works for me, so I just stuck with it!

I recently spent three weeks in America with a lot of sight seeing, so I've come back with a ton of stuff to scrapbook. It was a bit of a special holiday, so I decided to get a special scrapbook for the occasion (instead of slotting it into my yearly scrapbook). I also picked up some other scrapbooking goodies, so I thought I'd do a bit of a haul.

I've mentioned before that I use self adhesive photograph albums, as it means you don't need to use any glue. You simply pull back the plastic cover on each page, arrange everything on the page and pull the plastic over the top. Perfect if you're not super crafty (or a little bit lazy like me) and it has the added benefit of not damaging any of the souvenirs. All of my scrapbooks are from the Kraft Self-Adhesive range at Paperchase, they are just simple neutral designs. However, for this special scrapbook I opted for the medium 'camera' design, which is slightly bigger and has more pages.

Next on my list was some Washi Tape, which I've recently fallen in love with. I picked out two new rolls, which both have a blue colour scheme. One roll is decorated with stars and the other is covered in polka dots! I also picked up a selection of coloured paper, this time I bought the 'A6 Cropping Block Brights' which are coloured sheets, also from Paperchase. I've mentioned these before, but they are the perfect size for cutting down to use behind pictures, or for writing notes on.

I recently downloaded the Snapfish mobile app and I thought I'd give their mobile printing service a go. The mobile app syncs into your Instagram account and you can order prints straight from your phone. Which is perfect, as I use Instagram as the source for photography in my scrapbook! Every three months or so, I'll scroll through my Instagram feed and pick out my favourite moments. The prints are slightly bigger than my Polargram prints and they don't have a white border around them.

The last thing in my shopping basket was some new cards which I picked up on eBay. I'd been looking for a seller that could provide me with Project Life cards, that did not cost a fortune. I found 'littlescraps2013' and I got completely lost in the amazing items she has for sale. In the end I picked up three packs of journaling cards, all with a summer holiday theme for around £5 a pack! 

That concludes my scrapbook purchases for now! I'd love to hear about your scrapbook if you have one and where you shop for your scrapbooking goodies! 
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