Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Daily Makeup Brush Routine

For a really long time, I’ve wanted to share my makeup brush routine with you all. For me, I find makeup brushes a bit addictive, I always want to try new brushes and I love having them all sat on my dressing table. Whilst some have ended up in a drawer unloved, here are the few that have made the cut and made it into my daily brush routine.

I love this little brush and it’s the brush that never ever leaves my side. As the application it gives to my foundation is second to none. The brush is a really firm brush and its a lot wider than traditional foundation brushes, which makes it really easy to use. The brush is made up from densely packed bristles, which means it gives a thicker coverage to your foundation. It makes blending really easy and it's super soft! This brush retails for £9.99.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this has revolutionised my concealer application. It’s actually designed for contouring, but I’ve found that it’s perfect for concealer application. I've also been using it my liquid concealers under my eyes and it's amazing for blending. The brush is really soft but still quite dense, so it works without dragging or irritating the eyes. The best part is that it makes the finish really flawless! This brush retails for £8.95.

Real Techniques Powder Brush
This big fluffy brush has been used pretty much everyday since I bought it in 2012 (I cannot believe I bought this so long ago now). It’s a pretty simple design; it’s huge and it’s really soft and fluffy, which makes it perfect for applying powder. It picks up the powder well, with minimal fallout and it makes powder application really quick. This brush retails for £12.99.

This is a wide, angled brush that is designed to fit perfectly in the contours of your cheeks. As the brush is fairly large, it means that my whole contouring routine is so much quicker! I just load this brush up with bronzer and run it along my cheekbones. It applies the colour evenly and like all the other Real Techniques brushes, it blends out the colour really well too. This means you don't get any harsh lines and your contouring looks really natural. This brush retails for £9.99.

Whilst I love the MAC 217 for blending, this is one of the best brushes I’ve found for packing on the shadow. It’s quite a dense brush, which means you can use it for applying my cream eyeshadow bases and also powder eyeshadows. It’s also great for applying concealer, so it’s a great multi-tasker! This brush retails for £6.99

I have to say that all the raving about this brush is 100% justified, this little black brush has transformed my eye makeup! If by chance, you've never heard about the MAC 217, it's a makeup brush designed for shading or blending colour. The brush has very fine bristles that are densely packed, which makes blending easy. This brush makes light work of blending like I've never imagined was possible. The brush is so soft so it doesn't irritate your skin and it just WORKS.  The MAC 217 retails for £19.

What I love about this particular brush, is you can use it for a whole host of things, including; shading, highlighting and blending. It really packs on the shadow and it seems to pick up pigmentation really well. The brush really is super soft, it's not scratchy or rough, it's really nice to use. The bristles are slightly tapered in a dome shape, which means it fits the shape of the socket really well. It also fits well along the eyebrow, so it's great for adding a highlight there. This brush retails for £4.99

I’d love to know about your favourite brushes, I’m always looking to add some to my collection!
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