Monday, 14 September 2015

Brand Focus: Bourjois

Brand focus blog posts are no new thing in the blogger community, but they are one of my favourite blog posts to read. I love reading about your favourite products from each brand, because I always need that ‘extra’ product when I’m shopping in a 3 for 2 deal. Today I wanted to share my favourite products from Bourjois, a brand I can never avoid when I enter the drugstore.

I use powder on my face every single day, my oily skin means I just cannot be without it if I don’t want my makeup to slip and slide. What’s great about this particular powder is that it does not make your skin look dry.  The ingredients inside include 'Yuzu' for anti-shine and Sharon Fruit' for Hydration. The powder is that it's incredibly fine milled, so it does not feel heavy at all. Yet, it still gives coverage, sets makeup and keeps shine at bay all day long. It's rare that you find a powder which has a mirror inside, yet is not too bulky for travel, this is perfect. 

This is potentially my favourite mascara of all time (I actually have backups in my drawer so I’ll never be without it). What I love about it is that it provides extreme volume, without skimping on length. The brush of the mascara is spherical which means there are bristles on each edge. This allows you to wrap every single lash in a 360 degree motion, which actually makes a world of difference. It gives you extreme volume and there's not a clump in sight! 

When Bourjois released the Magic Nail Polish Remover for both hands and feet I was pretty impressed! The idea behind it is very simple but it's amazing they never thought of it before. The Magic Nail Polish Remover has two sponges that are soaked in nail polish remover. There’s one inside the pot that you put your finger into, plus it also has a sponge in the lid for your toes. 

These eyeshadow pencils are a firm staple in my makeup routine. The colour range may not be incredibly exciting, but they perform really well and are so affordable.. I have two shades Beige Minimal (a basic beige shade which I use as a base) and Brun Dadaiste (a rich chocolate brown which I put through the crease). The formula of these is really soft and I’m really impressed with the staying power. They blend really well and they are fabulous for travelling.

The product is half a matte bronzer and half a shimmering highlighter. It's designed to provide the perfect contouring solution. The duo comes in a cardboard sleeve which closes with a magnet! It's not the most luxurious packaging in the world, but it is functional. The product has the famous 'chocolate' scent, which lots of people love. I'm not really a fan of the scent, I don't hate it, but it's quite weird having a fragranced product on your face. I am however a big fan of the formulation of this little duo. The bronzer is a great colour for my pale skin and it's not hugely pigmented, which means you can build up the colour slowly. The highlighter has a softer formulation and adds a really nice glow and shimmer to your cheekbones. 

This concealer is quick thick in formulation and the colour match for my skin is exceptional. However, I find it incredibly hard to blend into my skin at times, so sometimes I actually use this under my foundation. It gives me good coverage too and it does a good job of covering both spots and dark circles. What I really like is the packaging, it’s in a really dinky tube and it’s squeezy which is super handy!

It’s not hard to tell that I’m a fan of the Healthy Mix range. My skin just seems to really love the formula of these particular products. The ‘Healthy Mix’ range comes in two formulas; one is a traditional foundation formula and the other is a serum formula. My favourite is the foundation formula, it seems to be the abnormal opinion, but for me the serum is just too shiny and greasy in texture. However the foundation option is perfect for me! It’s amazing at giving an even skintone and leaves great complexion to start the day. This formula leaves the skin looking very natural and really radiant.

What are your favourite products from Bourjois? I'd love your recommendations!

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