Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bloggers I Love #1

I've been meaning to write a blog post all about my favourite bloggers for quite some time. Beauty is a huge passion of mine and to be frank, I enjoying reading about it just as much as I love writing about it! I do not what I'd do with my free time without my favourite bloggers! It goes without saying that all these bloggers all have great content, great photographs and a great personality. If you like what you see, do give them a follow, they all thoroughly deserve it! Here's a little more scoop on those beauty blogs that I constantly have on refresh...

London Beauty Queen
I've been reading Hayley's blog for longer than I can remember, we're talking years! However even now, I still read every blog post. I love that she's quick to share her thoughts on controversial topics and you can always count on Hayley to give an honest review. All her blog posts are well researched and I honestly feel like I learn something new every time I head to her blog. Hayley's blog features both high end and high street products, so there's always something for me to fall in love with, no matter how much money I have spare that week. Check out Hayley's blog at

Hannah Hearts
Hannah runs a fabulous blog and it has a great mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts! What I love about Hannah's blog, is that she often writes about new products and brands I've never even heard about before (like her recent Colourpop Haul). I'm a big fan of her wish list posts and beauty box reviews, but my favourite posts have to be her reviews of the Yankee Candle Tarts. Everybody loves Yankee Candle right? Check out Hannah's blog at

I've had the pleasure of meeting Angelica a couple of times and she's just lovely! What I love about the way Angelica writes, is that it never seems forced. She obviously loves writing and it comes across to the reader with every word. There's a real mix of content on One Little Vice, as she always has a little twist or something different to add. Whether it's restaurant recommendations, or the latest 'green' beauty product, I love every post. No matter what I tweet out, she always has an amazing product to recommend, I just love her beauty wisdom! I love reading her fresh content and obsessing over her gorgeous Instagram feed. Check out Angelica at

Lets Talk Beauty
Vicki's blog is another that I seem to read constantly and I often actually go back and reread older content that I want to recap on! I love that there is a real mix of content, I particularly like her posts that cover her travels (I loved her Airbnb review)! I'm always swooning over her stationery hauls (then crying and tweeting her when I can't find a Bando agenda) and I love catching up on her 'This Weeks Happy' posts. Vicki is a blogger that I love chatting to on Twitter and her Instagram feed is stuffed with pretty pictures. Check out Lets Talk Beauty at

Amy tends to post on her blog every single day and I'm always flabbergasted as she manages to come up with amazing blog ideas! This lady is honestly a content inspiration, I love everything she comes up with. She writes about everything from skincare, to makeup brushes, to beauty box reviews. I'm always swooning over her makeup collection, as she's often reviewing something at the top of my wish list! Her photography is superb too, every single picture is on point! Check out Amy's blog at

Cherry's blog is another blog who's content is always right up my street! There's a great mix of content; from beauty reviews, to tips for moving house or bouquets of flowers, she has it all! I particularly love her nail polish reviews, I'm constantly adding nail polishes to my collection after seeing them on her blog (this literally only happened yesterday). Cherry's lifestyle posts are great too and they are often full of great advice. I recently enjoyed reading her moving house guide, and her guide to university life was fabulous too! Check out Cherry's blog at

You know when you just get the vibe that someone is just a really nice person? This is how I feel about Claire! Claire's blog is just beautiful, I love the design, the photography and the content. I love her 'Currently Lusting After' blog posts and her beauty box reviews! When she's not blogging, she also makes YouTube videos and she always has something lovely to say on Twitter! Check out Claire's blog at

I love that Jane is another lady who isn't scared to share her honest opinion. What I love about Jane's blog is that she brings breaking beauty news, from the fabulous launches that have literally just landed on her desk. I LOVE watching her 'beauty chat' Periscopes, I honestly think she has the best sense of humour and is a breath of fresh air! British Beauty Blogger is a site a read daily, I often visit Jane's blog way before I get to my larger Bloglovin' feed. You'll often find me swooning over the latest eyeshadow palette in her comment section! Check out Jane's blog at
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