Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tips For Blogging and Working Full Time

Sometimes I definitely feel like I’m juggling too many hats! Not only am I working full time, which involves travelling to other continents. I’m blogging every single day, working on freelance ideas and keeping a house running. Whilst sometimes it feels like a real struggle, I wouldn’t change any of it! I love my job and I love blogging, so neither are disappearing anytime soon! So I’ve put together some top tips, that I keep my head to help me succeed.

Make The Most Of Your Commute
I get to work in two different ways, sometimes I get the train to work and sometimes I car share. When I get the train, I take my laptop with me and I write blog posts whilst I’m on the way to work. Then when I have internet access, I copy my post into blogger and add all my links. I have an hour-long trip to work, so I can normally make some really great progress!

I really struggle to write in the car as I get pretty travel sick, so instead, I use this time to research. Sometimes I'll be reading blog posts and leaving comments, other times I'll be browsing Boots/Superdrug for the latest releases.

Plan Ahead
Whilst some bloggers can write about things instantly, when beauty news breaks, I'm often sat at my desk at work. To avoid being late with news, I try to do a lot of research, and liaise with my favourite brands to work out when news is going to break. I also start planning themed posts at least a month in advance. Themed posts often include seasonal edits, or gift guides, so I find it good to be prepared. 

Have Blog Posts In Reserve
Sometimes life gets in the way, so I TRY to work a week ahead of myself. I write my reviews of products, prepare them and schedule them advance. Which then leaves me the evenings to write posts that need to be written at the last minute. I can't always manage this though and quite frequently you'll find me sat at in my office frantically typing away! I find it really important to write in advance, because I'm not always in the mood to write. So if I have a week when I'm lacking motivation, I'm not screwed by having no content! 

Take Photographs In Bulk
I get home from work quite late, so I can only really take photographs at the weekend. So for this reason I always take photographs in bulk. I write a list of things I want to talk about in the next couple of weeks and I try to take around ten photographs every weekend. This means that I always have photographs ready to go, so when the writing mood takes me, I have the photographs as inspiration. Again, life can get in the way of this too, especially if I have plans all weekend! 

Make The Most Of The Things Around You
Sometimes I find inspiration for a blog post in the most unlikely of places. I’m always observing my surroundings, watching people applying makeup on the train, or earwigging to people’s problems in Boots. I also try to make the most out of the things I do everyday, such as cooking new things and sharing the recipes.

I’m by no means an expert on this, but I feel like I’ve started to make real headway in balancing all the different areas of my life. If you have any tips for blogging I’d love to hear them!

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